June 26 2006
He is send back home.... so just let me know what he saying about this place..... because he did'nt want to tell me:)



June 26 2006
I haven't seen Brian since he came home, but I'm sure he enjoyed himself. We miss you too!

Ben Moser

June 26 2006
he hasnt made it home yet dummy. his plane lands in 7 minutes...anyway. i miss you too nemanja! ill make sure to tell you what he says, and if it isnt good, i will *make him* say good

Becky A.

June 26 2006
I'm sure Brian had a wonderful time. I miss you Nemanja!

Rebekah Minor

June 26 2006
AAAWWWWW foreign kid!!! we miss you too!!! have you stopped having dreams in english yet?


June 26 2006
i miss you. but you are going to come back. right??? (if you say yes, i'll give you a cookie. or candy. or something...)

Sarah Vermillion

June 26 2006
Every time I got a message from him while he was over there, he just said that everything was amazing there. So... I'm gonna take a wild guess and say he thought it was amazing. : p We miss you more! Come back soon.

Sara Shaban

June 26 2006
i love you too.


June 27 2006
miss you, nemanja!

the brian king kenobi

June 27 2006
i had a wonderful time. it was delightful. did you find the surprise i left you? check your bookcase . . .


June 28 2006
nemanja!! i miss you...:(

the brian king kenobi

July 02 2006
you were last active 10 minutes ago. we have the worst timing ever.


July 03 2006
ay havnt talked or seen you in forvevr! i hope all is well <33 we need to hang out

Meagan McCann

August 04 2006
ga i miss you soooo much nemanja!!!! meag