Childhood thoughts :-)

November 10 2007

Haha, so I discovered an old notebook in which I have two journal entries, one from 8 and one from 9 years of age.  The 8 year old one is funniest, because it's... one of the most random incoherent succession of simple, unrelated statments in a row.

 Here are a few, mispelled words and all :-)


My mom reads sexy stores one is deceptive desires.


Meatesh is relly in to it hes saying come on man lets go lets do it but he like almost got a mustash it looks like.


*Mom doesn't measure a lot and doesn't do how long her bed is very. 


(measure was actually mosher, so I'm figuring that was the right translation ;-) ) 


Yep, there ya go, the sage wisdom of Adam's youth.. haha, or lack thereof