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September 09 2007

Well, I haven't posted in forever, so i'm not sure who even looks at this...

But well, I hope you take the time to read this, I mean, o well if you don't, but here's my post.  So if you do read it, I hope it helps you somehow, maybe



Stop Fighting Him



I have often tried to tell you who I am,

But I have since done away with such things,

For trivial they are, in my opinion,

A wasted effort on a stubborn demeanor,

And I'm not one for coercion.

And besides, I'm not going to “win you over” with some magical display of my power,

Wouldn't you have seen that in yourself by now?

I see no need in proving more than the beautiful world you live in,

And the beauty I've instilled in you.

But you don't mind such petty things

“I'm just like anyone else,” you say “and this world could have spontaneously evolved anyway.”

And it seems fortified enough at the time:

Your nice, tightly knit pseudo-apathy.

And I'm not one to be pushy,

Which I suppose would be apparent since I haven't “struck you down” as you might have anticipated in the wake of your countless presumptuous tirades of

“God should be this!” and “God should be that!”,

And so, I won't slam my “so called greatness” as you would call it, down your throat.

But doesn't it seem strange that in spite of your greatest efforts,

And even though I have stood aside and allowed you the liberty of denial,

That we still end up in this place?

Haven't you decided by now?

Why accuse me?

Why argue, I'm not really here, am I?

I'm just a human originated ideology,

A false hope created for the sake of human comfort, and sense of purpose...


Haven't we decided this a million times?

Then who are you talking to?

And why keep coming back?

“Hmm” you might say, maybe even a brief setback, a quick double take...

But I'm not one to be too pushy,

I've long since done away with such things,

I don't need to prove myself to you,

You've already done enough of that by arguing with me,

In your somewhat... humorous attempt at eliminating me from your consciousness...

While all the while reinforcing my presence in doing so..

But anyway, not to dwell on the whole “I'm right since I'm God” thing...

Moving on, I would hope that it's pretty apparent I haven't been pushy,

I've allowed you what you wanted,

I've stepped aside from your life and its choices,

But you should know that by now you've found your way back.

And no, I'm not going to “strike you down” for horrendous blasphemies,

I'm not going to hold such things against you.


I am here,

And always have been,

And if you're willing, we can wipe all of this away, and start fresh again,

Just you and me, no strings attached, on a new clean slate, from here on out.

No more arguments, no more bitterness,

All I ask, is that you finally let your countless defense mechanisms down,

Please.. just stop trying to figure in your mind why I'm not here, because you should know that the only reason you're having to do that is because I'm bugging you about my existence in the first place!

So please, just put your guard down,

Take that shield off of your heart,

Undo those frail ties holding together all those broken pieces of your life,

And just surrender,

And let me in.



Chris Jensen

October 10 2007
We drove to cali in a one way rental moving truck and flew back