My Summer

June 07 2007

So, for those of you who are interested in the life of adam, here's the info:

I'm working for Mattress Gallery Direct as a delivery guy.  It's a pretty sweet job.  I get forty hours a week, eight an hour, always off on sundays and one other day a week (which is soon to change to two other days off a week :) ).

The only problem is, I can't get off for youth camp this year, which I found out today :(.  The first time I've missed one of the best weeks ever in like five years.


The most important thing, in my mind, I'm doing this summer is I'm in charge of SHIFT, the name of the drama team specifically for upcoming freshman that I'm over for the summer.

I have Katie Ramsey, Zack cambell, Morgan, Bekah Lewis, Nicole, and Alex Mulane under me, and as of right now we're working on a super awesome human video, which should hopefully be done by the end of June or early July.


Other than that, God is really telling me a lot of things this summer, though a lot of it is really confusing.  but it's all good though, I suppose, God is good :)


And at the end of the summer, a bunch of us guys are going to Florida for a few days, then I'll be going to Knoxville to see my awesome Mentor Pastor Ronnie, then moving in to start my



God is good, that's my life,

Comments anyone?  I don't seem to get any of those anymore...