New band

May 05 2007

They're like a combination of relient k, dashboard confessional, and the vocals sound a little like anberlin, sometimes.
I like them A LOT.  Just got their cd today, it was their debut that came out sometime last year.

If you're a big relient K fan, I advise them, very much so.
Some REALLY good songs.  Good stuff :-)

and I guess in other band news, I am very much obsessed with Red
Thank you Chris Jensen, I am forever in debt to you. ;)

Chris Jensen

May 05 2007
of course you are... II'm just that good ;-)


May 06 2007
bla bla. chris don't know nuttin' bout music. hahah. :p

Jamie Crabtree

May 06 2007
He knows nothing at all... haha

Marybeth Jensen

May 06 2007
The only song by Red that I've ever heard was Pieces or something. It was very good and I like it very much. Especially the beginning. I want to hear more. :-)

Jessica Jo

May 06 2007
When are you going to be back in Murfreesboro?