Monkey soccer returns!!

April 04 2007
So it wasn't on nearly as much of a large scale: we only had six guys and played for like thirty minutes in the rain in the field next to Hughes.
But regardless, it was still amazing!
The one thing about it is that because there were only six of us, after like fifteen minutes, all of us were about to die.
I don't know what it was, the field wasn't big at all, but it was so FREAKING TIRING.
Ahh, but good fun.  One time I tackled another guy at the legs as he ran at me, another time Jesse (my huge RA), fell on me, and made me feel like I took a trip to the chiropractor.  In a weird way, the way my neck popped felt good.
Then for the last goal of the night (we tied 8-8) I actually pushed Jesse over from behind (yes, it made me feel manly) and then took the ball, pushed down field, and dove to push the ball through the goal (diving seemed much because it put me muchs closer to the ground, rendering any from behind tackles from Jesse as flops on me, rather than knocking me back five feet from a standing position :), and then we callled it a night.
So yeah, the conclusion of this evening (we just finished like twenty minutes ago) was fun.  Tackling, running in the pouring down rain, lightning too (kinda scary)
Ahh, college life is good :)