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February 24 2007
I guess I'm posting because I'm bored.

So I'm almost finished with this chaplain application, that's good, though it seems to be taking forever.
need to study for a couple tests I have next week, one in particular,
because it's Dr.Simmons and he has a 96 for an A and I'm told his tests
are insane.
Um, I'm glad for this weekend, I guess, Monday should be
pretty flippin sweet, paul and I are going to sugar mountain to ski all
day long.
The only problem with that is when we get back it'll be
super late, and I have to get up at like seven thirty to meet with a
professor before I have class all day and then study the rest of the
following evening.  So I think I'll be sleeping through chapel then.
And probably the coolest thing right now is that I am only one week and six days away from IRELAND!!!
I can't believe it's that close....
Pretty crazy
and yes eveyone, there will be plenty of pictures and video footage for you all to have the second hand Ireland experience