Learning Spanish (Aprendiendo Espanol)

February 01 2007
(Random interjection, my picture is on Lee's homepage!)
The only thing is, it's from behind, and it kind of looks like I'm Hitler, though I'm praising God.
ha, how ironic. Anyway...

Just for anyone who is interested in speaking spanish, and of those who
read this, I think that makes this practical, if you have i-tunes
there's this new pod cast called "spanish coffee break" that started in
October, and it's pretty awesome. There have been 24 episodes so far,
and a new one comes out every week.  And of course, the coolest thing
is that all of it is free, it automatically subscribes you to the pod
cast so that you get the new episode every week.  Yes, it is fairly
basic, but the thing is, it teaches you conversational spanish, and the
teaching method establishes your vocabulary in things you use in
conversation, and I guess the biggest thing is that it hammers into
your memory the conversational words you might have problems