Girl's emotions

January 23 2007

I'm going to be
honest and say it amazes me how easily a girl can be swayed or
emotionally affected by a guy whenever he does something "sweet,"
in the sense that he says, does, or expresses something complimentary
or just generally speaking, emotional towards the girl.
I can
watch a guy who knows that what he's saying isn't really that
heartfelt or that original say it simply because he knows what a
powerful effect he's going to have on whoever she is, and uses that
to his advantage.
I can also watch how girls melt when they watch
some guy do something "sweet" to any extent and think "O..
he's the man of my dreams!  How I long for such a guy like
To just be honest, sometimes this makes me sick,
becuase the guy could very well be a jerk with crafty words.
thing, I'm not bashing being a sweet, selfless, loving
boyfriend/husband, I totally agree that's how a husband should treat
his wife; that IS the way it should be.
Second thing, I AM saying
that girls can over react to this, and guys use it to their

Girls need to understand something: Just because a
guy can write a romantic song, write a romantic poem, or schedule
some romantic date, doesn't mean SQUAT for his character.  To
put it bluntly, this could all just be a well contrived scheme to get
in your pants.  Or, if not to that extreme, to win you over, not
necessarily because he feels the same way about you, but because he's
a guy, and, well, guys want to win the girl. In other words, a guy
doesn't have to feel like he's totally comitted to a girl to write
her a love song, poem, or any of these things, BUT girls tend to
receive such a message: and frequently get their hearts broken. 

Finally, I know this may seem horridly pessimistic.. maybe it
is.  The only thing I'm saying is.. girls, pray and seek God
about guys: just because they can drop a rose at your door, or right
you a cute love song doesn't mean they're the one for you.

Randy Rodden

January 23 2007
Amen! Halleluja! This is.... I just don't know what to say.... It touches me! haha

Erin:: lub my flower.

January 24 2007
whoa! why do guys do that?? i am one of those girls who watch those sappy love stories and cry i think its in our nature to be all teary and emotional!

Randy Lewis

January 24 2007
Wake up girls! Adam speaks the truth.


January 24 2007
im glad somebody said it.:)