May 24 2006


The extensive
grasp of limitation intrinsic in this natural realm indeed has no
application in prayer. I am in no way constrained, restricted, or
bound in any way from anything I might say or wish for when I am in
the presence of Almighty God. Once I am entered into the realm of
supernatural supplication, all rules, limitations, physical laws, and
biological standards are no longer applicable, and furthermore, even
taken into the slightest bit of consideration. For in His presence
we come imploring of His hand: a hand no one can fathom or attempt to
adequately describe, that at a whim slighter than a feather's touch
instantaneously brought the entire universe into existence, and in
doing so only displayed a minuscule portion of its power.
Furthermore, it is my opinion that once we come to the realization
that through prayer we have access to this hand, one of such
boundless potential, capable of over riding any and every natural
limitation, that we can experience the true power of God in our
lives: a power completely devoid of absolutely any restriction.


May 24 2006
i agree. ;) ...sounded like someone wanted to show off with big words*


May 26 2006
haha I agree with Amanda...Oh yeah, thanks for the comment. Its not an awful pic of you either.