Please take the time to read this....

May 14 2006

.I know we frequently say it, but I do feel this is "original," if that makes reading it any more intriguing....


Furthermore, for
what it's worth, there has never been anything of the sort!

Could there be, or
would it be, even considerable?

Fallacy! Never
would I conceive such an abomination!

Furthermore, and
for the record, it couldn't be done with any amount of effort.

What is there to
explain? It's all so insane...Why am I even thinking this way?

Why do I face such
gruesome reality? I'm not capable of such atrocities!

Well... maybe I



Am I out of my
mind, what could I be thinking!

I won't be
convinced! I know I couldn't ever do such a thing! But why even the

And why does it
even seem like someone's trying to convince me in the first place!

Who are you! No
one knows me that well!




I mean, You're

NO! It can't be!
I wasn't ever going to....believe.... What? It can't be!...

Can it?

You? You, all
along? In every one of my convictions?

My unexplainable

Revealing my true
wretched self....

.....I'm so

It WAS You.... all

All along.....

In the midst of my
internal conflict...

It HAS been You...

My conviction....

My revealer.. of
things... I didn't want to see..

Or even believe,
about myself...

It all makes sense

My ever present

My truth deeper
than my finite mind could see,

And You've always
been there...

O God, I was so

But You showed me
who I was, when I didn't want to see...

By showing me, who
YOU were,

The Saving

The whisper behind
every guilty thought...

The check behind
every wrong decision..

That pressure when
I was under the wrong thinking..

That rightness
when wrong was pending..

And all this time
I'm knowing..

but unable to

Until you came and
removed the blinders...

With your all
revealing hand..

Making my
furthermore, and its empty reassurance,

No longer fool me
in their ruse,

Because my
furthermore, has now forevermore,

Been put to rest
in You.