May 04 2006
So today's thursday and I'm still in Cleveland.  I'm staying in
Thorne's room until graduation this saturday.  Granted, it's
pretty cool to just get to hang out here and all, Russ went to Samford,
Johnathan left for Tiffany's this morning, Brent left earlier, and a
bunch of other people are of course already gone.  The bottom line
is, Thorne and I are pretty much the only ones for today, so we're kind

But I guess that's a good feeling.. I don't know

It's definitely weird to be someone staying here and see pretty much
everyone else leave before you do... I don't know if I like that too

STill uncertain as to where I"m going to be this summer, knoxville or the boro, the next few days shall tell.

Well, God is good, this first year of college has been rockin awesome,
and I guess it's nice to end it with a few days with nothing to do....

Next year should be fantabulous!