Fine Arts was..... different

April 30 2006
So everyone knows so I don't have to tell the same story a million times, I'll give the run down on fine arts this weekend.

And just to go ahead and get this out of the way, no, I did not advance in short sermon.

Yes, I made it to the second round at nationals last year, but, well, I
think I went over time, which stinks, but o well, I guess.

But though I didn't advance in the category I've made it in for the
first two years, let me just give you the story of the category I tried
for the first time this year: drama solo.

See, I loved our large drama last year, I had somewhat of an important
role, so I wanted to be able to do drama this year, so I signed up for

For WEEKS in advance I had the same idea for a drama solo, working on it and all.

Then, either tuesday, or more likely wednesday, I couldn't get it to
fall together, so I sought what God wanted me to do. " Go through it
one more time."

So I did.

I figured in doing so He'd show me how to pull it together.  Instead, I realized.. it wasn't going to work. 

Realize this was just a couple days before the competition, with finals
right in the middle, more specifically a monologue and drama exam on

There's no way I can do it.  I run through things a million times.
I've had plenty of human video ideas that took forever, and sometimes
didn't really work.

In fact, I remember telling my friend Lori Basler at lunch that I was
considering not even doing one: man, am I glad I didn't do that,

Well, it happened. I had an idea, it fell together, I hardly had to
revise any lines at all.  All I really had to do was memorize it,
get a spectaculous drama major to help: thank you TIFFANY TERPIN
(spelling) Your suggestions were GREAT.

And the end result was:

I was blown away at how much everyone loved my drama solo.  WAAAY more support than I was expecting.

And in a category where almost everyone advanced, I advanced......


Yep everyone, I didn't advance in sermon, but I took first place in
drama solo.  Adam Rodrigues, yes, you heard it correctly.

Fine Arts 06- Amazing! ( in its own way :) )

Marybeth Jensen

April 30 2006
I loved your solo! It was amazing!!! I was dying...oh my goodness it was hilarious. You'll have to write me one for next year or something...haha, yes. Amazing.

Randy Rodden

April 30 2006
you're awesome dude! Just be glad that I didn't do a drama solo this year... but hey second's not to bad either! I think you could live with second!

Rebecca Jensen

May 01 2006
Oh yea... loads of fun I am soo greatful that I could do fine arts and finals in the SAME week :-D... hahahahahahhahhauhNO.... Hope you do well.... pray for me Wednesday night and Thursday morning because by then I will be freaking out.

Rebecca Jensen

May 01 2006
ummm.... yea you said that already.....

Paul Morgan

May 01 2006
Yes she looks older, and she was taller because she was on a hill, but you didn't advance in short sermon... I win!!! :-)

Rebecca Jensen

May 04 2006
I haven't finished yet!!! this paper is 25% of my grade and It's due before three!!!!!!!!!!!