January 15 2006
Hello everyone.  It's been quite a while since I"ve posted anything on here.
But for anyone who this means anything to, something miraculous has happened tonight:
I"m full!
But yeah, it's pretty cool.
So anyway, this sememster's looking like it's going to rock for sure.
I'm excited about my classes, I"m making new friends already, and I"m just really enjoying myself.
God is sooo good.  I'm trying to see Him and His infinite reality around me at all times.  How He's in everything, at all times.  That's what I want.
Peace out duuuudes.


January 16 2006
(cries drmatically) I MISS YOU ADAM!!! lol* manda<<

Rebecca Jensen

January 16 2006
yay for you... I start tomorrow.... oh I thought it was cool that you said it'd be awesome if I cam up, I figured you'd be like "::Dramatic wail:: NO I don't want to see HER!!!!" or some such thing haha...