life is good?

August 30 2005
"you only want what you can't have."
god, that's so true.

i've come to the conclusion that i'll never get married.
and if i do, i'll just as soon change my mind and get divorced.

my birthday's on sunday.
and i definately know what i want.

a car.

but what owner of 16 years of life doesn't?

"Headphones On, World Off"

August 14 2005
coldplay's in a month...
oh and my birthday but...
coldplay's in a month.

i have a chunk of metal stuck in my hand.
kiss it & make it better?

"Music is everybody's possession. It's only publishers who think that people own it."
-john lennon

beatles > jesus

my heros:
john lennon, tim burton, andy warhol, and mitch hedberg.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

July 28 2005
Can I lay in your bed all day,
I'll be your best kept secret,
And your biggest mistake?
The hand behind this pen relives a failure everyday.

i haven't written in here in a loooong time.
Terribly sorry.
Actually, i forgot i had one for a looooong time.
Sorry about that too.

This summer has been amazing.
Not one dull moment.
Not one night without a memory.

much oblige &


July 02 2005
ughhh. im sorry i've been busy.

read katie's entry to find out what happened in mississippi.

A Tribute to Katie Suggs

June 16 2005
This is for katie suggs.


June 09 2005
scratch that last entry.

so i got messaging confused with blogging.


June 09 2005
say what?!


June 07 2005
katie made me get one.


i kinda like it.

way cooler than xanga. fo sho.