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April 04, 2007

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What A Difference...

Hello people that still read this..doubt anybody

well what to say really...

I fell out of love with dani, and now grudges are being held and friends taking sides it feels like..such a beautiful disaster really. I feel guilty about it all. I grew so selfish of her and everything around me, that it ultimately drove things away. Now I am a prarie dog with little to show. The man in the crowd with multi-colored mirrors on his hobnail boots..what a quote lol

My grandfather passed away little over a month ago. My family is doing alright we are hanging in there, and I made my peace with my Grandfather. That I have to show for.

Musically I am still wrting and practicing on guitar. Listening to everything for inspiration. To find that defninitive knack in a song. To get an extra push towards something. Picked up playing keyboard too, and just trying to get it all out in song. the one thing that I havea pleasure of battling really.

the summer is days away, and its a break I and all need. To figure out the confusion in the amidst. To mving on and not looking back, atleast not for a while. I'm truly sorry if I offend the ones I love I really do. Takes time but time is an overused word..can't think of another word to say really..Later

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Hey guys

          Well there is not much to say coming from me. I've grown a little older and matured a bit I suppose.

I'm sorry I don't have much time to write in here. I have been busy with family and friends a lot lately. I guess I finally have a life outside of the cyber world and I have empathy for those who are still on here constantly.

It'll be 1 year soon that I will have been in love and together with the same girl. I have put time to the test, and it still has not brought me down..I love you Dani..


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I'm Back

been gone for a month and i haven't missed out on much lol...

happy new year to all

best wishes


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I hate having to put titles in here I can never think of a clever one...

Thanksgiving was alright. I didn\'t pig out, but I had filling of food.

Another Thanksgiving has come to to pass. Oh how I personally have a battle with this holiday. It brings out my appreciation for things and my reluctance for memories on this day.

I still miss my brother and I always will. When I was younger he\'d always be the one to hang out with and have 100% fun. He\'d make your time around him never boring.

I\'m thankful for my family, friends, and my love

I\'m reluctant that it\'s these two days, that a phone call and my parents rushing to the hospital, leaving me to be taken home. Only to wake up the next day and here Jason\'s gone.

So always be thankful on this holiday. be thankful for what you have and what you had. I feel stupid to say that. I feel like I\'ve become to only appreciate things when they\'re gone. I\'m the complainee aren\'t I?

Merry Thanksgiving


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Just updating you guys...

ehh for the last week I\'ve been grounded for breaking curfew, it truly sux but oh well, I can get some stuff done that i\'ve been meaning to do.

Halloween was totally awesome! The most fun I\'ve had in a while man.

And I am happy with my class looks the way I wanted it to be, but if I ever get another fancy ring, you bet your bottom dollar I\'m going to Wal Mart instead of Jostens..400 bucks?! oh well...

Everybody have a good weekend....

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