Strange Request

July 31 2007

I got a strange request on my computer today... The updater had to update itself before it could check for updates? I pondered... and then found myself in a space-time continuum.


photo from nathan


PhuseBox Update

July 31 2007

So, I was getting a little tired of the dark top portion of the PhuseBox pages. I have always liked clean, open designs and the dark top definitely did not fit that category - honestly, I do not know what I was thinking when I originally designed that. I actually felt a little depressed every time I landed on the page.


I wanted to make it feel "fun" again - not heavy and dark. Thus, you will now find a new look for the top of the PhuseBox pages. I think this fits better with the tone of the site - and the mood of what is to come.


I also made a couple modifications to the top interface, so let me know if you run into any problems. 


Happy Birthday, Rach!

June 22 2007

Happy Birthday to my favorite person...


photo from nathan

You are the best!


A Quick Apology

June 18 2007

Tonight, because of a small glitch, we lost a couple of blog posts and about a 15 or so photos.


If  you were effected by this small glitch, I apologize. It has been fixed now and will not happen again.


Sorry. Thanks for understanding. 

SnapShot Photos

June 16 2007

You can now send pictures from your mobile phone using PhuseBox SnapShot... Goto your "Add Pix" page (under the Pix menu) to get the address to send your pictures to.


Set up a new contact on your phone and enter that address into the email field. Then, snap a picture and send it to that contact.  Pretty simple.

Fun Night...

June 09 2007

I always love driving out to the country...


You know, as long as the car in front of you does not hit a bird.


Happy Brithday, Ben... even though you killed a bird. 


June 07 2007

Ok. So I absolutely love these new ads from Apple... and not just because I am an Apple fan (I am kind of getting sick of the iPod commercials).


I still have note decidd if I am going to fork out $500 for the iPhone when it comes out, but I must say, these commercials make it look pretty slick. 

London 2012 Logo

June 05 2007

photo from nathan  

20 Euros (it is London, afterall) to anyone that can give me five solid reasons why this design for the 2012 Olympics logo is a good idea...


This is about the worst logo design I have ever seen... and the design firm got $800,000.00 for it... almost 1 million - for that... that. A 5-year-old with construction paper would come up with a similar design.


London reports that they wanted something that did not look corporate and spoke to a younger generation... hmmmm... kind of like kids from the 1990's?


I hear they also got MC Hammer as the Olympic spokesperson. 



Hot Juicy Burgers!

June 03 2007
So... my wife reminded me of one of my other favorite creative commercials on TV right now... I laugh every time it comes on... and then rewind my TiVo and watch it again. Hot Juicy Burgers... for the first time in my life, I actually want to go to Wendy's.

I love creative ads

June 03 2007

Seriously... Creative ads are great. And especially in a YouTube world, spending the extra creative effort will have a vast effect on the reach of your "second-life" internet video market.


It pays. 


June 03 2007

The messaging system should now at least be functioning... There will be some design changing, but for now, you should be able to check and send messages as usual.


I will press on with everything else.



Friend Requests

June 02 2007

Accepting and denying friend requests is working now.


PhuseBox Version 3

June 02 2007

Ok... So many of you have had a chance to look around the new site...


Like I said before, there are still several features that I need to "finish out" - mainly a way to edit photo titles and descriptions, friend requests, and the messaging system.  These should be done shortly.


Also, this is just Phase 1 of the new PhuseBox... there is lots more to come. I wanted to go ahead and launch the site with the new look and interface, but watch for more stuff soon.



New PhuseBox... kind of...

June 02 2007

Ok, guys. Here is the deal.


The new PhuseBox has launched, but there are several things and features that still need work, so you may see some things that are not functioning.


I thought it would be better to go ahead and launch it this way than to keep the site down any longer.


So, there are still a few things that are not working, but everything should be functioning soon. Just hang in there.



Music Genius

May 30 2007
This is my new favorite group:

Click and listen to the 30 second preview... best music you will hear all day... seriously.

Ok, so I laughed out loud. Really hard.

On the Lot

May 29 2007
Has anyone else been watching "On the Lot" on FOX? It is like American Idol only for inspiring film makers... in fact, it may be too much like American Idol. But, nonetheless, what a great concept for a show.

Maybe I just like it because my major in school was video production and so I had similar "short film" type projects in many of my classes.

So, if you have watched "On the Lot," does the hostess seem a bit awkward to you? I feel like she has watch tapes of Ryan Seacrest over and over again. Anyone agree?

Happy Anniversary, PhuseBox

May 28 2007
Well, to follow up my marriage anniversary yesterday, today marks 2 years of PhuseBox goodness.

It has been amazing to see PhuseBox grow from a small group of people I knew to a large group of people - most of whom I have never talked to in my entire life. It has been great even though most of the originial PhuseBoxers have left the site (and thanks to those that have stuck around).

I know we were supposed to launch the new PhuseBox site today, but because of Memorial Day being today and several other factors, there is going to be a slight delay. The plan will be to launch this Friday, June 1st - what a great way to start June, right?

Well, until then, I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!

Happy 1st Anniversary, Rachael!

May 27 2007
It was one year ago that I said, "I do" to the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world - the last year has been the best year of my life. Happy Anniversary, Rach! I love you!

Ripple: Save the World

May 08 2007

Save the World.



May 03 2007
If you have a Mac and are always taking screenshots of websites, check out .

Seriously, it is always a pain when I have to take screenshots of websites... usually the process involves snapping 2 or 3 screenshots while scrolled to a certain vertical area on the page... then openning Photoshop and seaming the images together and then cropping out everything else.

Luckily, this morning I found Paparazzi... it is freeware that allows you to simply type in the URL and it will grab a screenshot of that page, not matter how long it may be.

It is a handy app to have in case you need it.

Virginia Tech

April 21 2007
Why is it that any time a tragedy happens in this country, the media are so quick to blame everyone except the one responsible? It never fails.

As my wife and I watched the news about Virginia Tech this past week, there was almost non-stop discussion about the "warning signs" and how the police could have prevented more killings by shuting down the campus - and so forth. Seriously, why do we look to blame everyone but the person actually responsible?

Yes, the Virginia Tech shootings were a tragedy... but THE SOLE cause was a duranged college student... not the faculty that should have caught the warning signs, not the police, not anybody except him.

Warning signs are just warning signs... they are not 100% indicators of anything. There are hundreds of students across the nation that probably act in a similar way to how the VA Tech killer acted... quiet. reserved. inner conflict. anti-social. Just because someone possesses warning signs does not mean he or she will do something crazy. And if they do in fact carry out some tragic event, it is not the fault of the ones that "should have caught it sooner."

There are always things that could have been done differently - things that could have prevent any given tragic event. But the thing is that hindsight is always perfect. We can analyze all the events and determine what may have helped the situation, but lets stop pointing fingers at the faculty and the police and recognize that the shootings at Virginia Tech were the climax of how a duranged college student wanted to be remembered. It is just sad.

New PhuseBox Launches May 28th

April 19 2007
May 28th of this year will mark PhuseBox's 2-year birthday. I appreciate all the users that have contributed to PhuseBox with blog entries, photos, and remarks. Simply put: You Are PhuseBox.

So, to say thank you and to celebrate 2 years, the new PhuseBox site will be launched on May 28th. I am really excited about it. With this over-due release, PhuseBox will take on a new look and sport a new ways to contribute and interact with other PhuseBox users.

Hopefully, the hard work will pay off. Again, a special thanks to everybody!


April 19 2007
PhuseBox should be running much much much faster now.

Happy Easter!

April 08 2007
Hope everyone is having a great Easter Sunday!

Part 2: Christians, What Do You Think?

March 29 2007
Thanks for everyone's responses on the last post...

Ok. So, continuing on with this hypothetical situation,

1. What if they guy that decided to never become a Christian actually would have become a Christian later in life if he was not "bothered" by the door-to-door evangelism? And what if the person that DID become a Christian as a result of you would have anyways later in life as well? Is it worth it?

2. Also, Is it worth it if you pushed 50 people to decide never become a Christian (who would have otherwise) just for 1 person to become a Christian right then?

Ok, and I know that this might open up a whole discusion on predesitination. That is not what this is about... whether we have free will or God has predestined everything is beside the point in relation to these questions - at least for this discussion.

What are your thoughts?