sex books, love on notes, and pooping jars.

December 17 2005

i love the world.

everything has been so amazing

andrew and i sword fighted yesterday.
while eating lunch
it was really fun.

and i figured out.
i'm a really cool person.



this is thomas. he is amazing. loll

i love his guts.

and i wish things were different between him and i

i always say that.
but it uh. will never happen.
we're too good of friends...

but he's still a fucking retard.

Chris Slate,

December 31 2005
everyone got there pic with santa... mines in my room... haha... what a fuckin loser... but yeh... happy new years.... go get wasted and laid... its what all the cool kids are doin... hhaha... holla


January 03 2006
yay webbed feet