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holly cathey

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July 18, 2006

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photograghy, football, rotc, music, movies, church, friends, shopping, vacations, beaches, summer, & more


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okay so i thought i should update one last time.. i was getting sick and tired of looking at the last entry wich is full of shit. welll.. at least the first part.


me & my bf Marcus Lee Nichols

sam and me. yes.. i look different than i did before in all of my other pics.

goodbye forever.

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this post is for you. only because i love you. and you asked me too.

anyone else want to talk.. find me on myspace or xanga. later loves.


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he is amazing.

done with phusebox.


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yeah.. things that have been goin on lately..

  • got my nose pierced

  • military ball is tomorrow nite!

  • super humongus crush

  • myspace is a total killer

  • Vday is coming up.. <3

  • & i honestly dont kno what else..

yeah & i didnt get a single comment last entry

probably wont this entry either..

so this is gonna be my last post

but you can still find me on myspace and xanga.


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okay.. so i guess ill update.

   not diddly squat has been goin on .. i hadda good Christmas.. um got everything i wanted



but hey.. not everyone gets there way.. yea

 well im about to go to the movies with Melanie.

were gonna see.. 

harry potter.

yeah.. its gonna be my first time seeing it.. how gay is that¿

well im out.

Holly :]

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