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December 03 2005

deze r my yo yo shoes.

god that phrase.
i swear
i was high and some little kid comes up to me and tells me her DC's are her yoyo shoes.
and i'm just standing there

so i swear i swear i swear.
i'm the weirdest individual.
i farted in front of swim team while we were doing crunches

i mean god i couldn't help it i was doing crunches
and it just CAME OUT.
and i was so embrassed. okay i wasn't
i just started cracking up laughing
and told them i needed to go leave a complicated path so it wouldn't follow me.
i basically made the swim team giggle with an inaccountable number.

yeah. and i have started to bake a lot.
i like people's mouth to orgasm.
and i feel like getting into someone's pants.
just like putting them on
so i can be like

"Hey, I got in _____ pants! YEAHH!"

hmmm.. p.s. i agree with jack.
i do want to kiss someone under a mistletoe
and i have an idea who...


December 03 2005
wow...farting infrount of everyone..plz tell me your lover wasnt there...hahaha

Henri Laswell

December 03 2005
that's unfortunate. haha farts and marijuana.

holly cathey

December 04 2005
why thank you asia. yours is very gorgeous.. i love the one eye thing going on. verry kinky i must say. <33 holly


December 04 2005
hey lol..glad you like bacOn..hah well t2yl <33mya<33


December 06 2005
asiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yayayayayayayayaya


December 07 2005
yellow shoe club yay


December 09 2005
super-duper, neato gang, its jon cus im cool like that.


December 12 2005