It's one of those days...

July 17 2005
You just need to be with a close friend. you miss me? Haha, no? I knew it.


I need a hug right now. Ahhh!...pwease?


July 17 2005
I miss you Stephy!! come back now!!! :-P


July 18 2005
I feel like that sometimes...i would give you a hug...just run down the street and i'll give ya one...

the brian king kenobi

July 18 2005
i miss you! lauren's party was fun, but you would have made it a lot better. *tear*

Michael Border-Line Pronounceable

July 18 2005
How'd your trip go?

Courtney Caldwell

July 18 2005
Of course I miss you! *big hug*


July 18 2005
I miss youuuuuu... *big hug... bigger than courtney's*


July 18 2005
your back?....i would give you a hug>


July 19 2005
I miss you Stephy!! *lots of hugs*