I miss those Good Ol' Days...

July 06 2005
ehhh. Pretty sure I'm not in a good mood thanks to a certain someone. Hug ?

Last post was just to see what y'all would say. I like coffee though. I'm not in love with it like some people. Crazy people. It doesn't make me sick anymore. =) *Sara, you lost*

Good news: I'm in love...................jk.............
We found that crazy guy's phone number so we can report him. Dumb perv.

hmmmmm.....4th of July was good. I saw fireworks with a lot of people.yaaaaaaay. I feel like having a "get together". I know I can't though- that blows.

i loooooooove you.

Sara Read

July 06 2005
that was really mean. i have to go cry now. you SILLLLLLY person whos SILLY SILLY SILLY ha!

Michael Border-Line Pronounceable

July 06 2005
*HUG*. POTSTICKERS! Super Lala CreamCakes!

Mary Lauren

July 06 2005
hey girl! i hope you are having a great summer! Let God rock it.


July 06 2005
I love you!

Courtney Caldwell

July 06 2005
Yay! No more stalker guy!


July 07 2005
i love my stephy!!!!


July 07 2005
Why not for youth?


July 08 2005
last night was a blast!! you and michael so got me the coolest bday present EVER!!!


July 09 2005
Stephy! I miss you sooo much! Everything's been kinda crazy right now, but you and me and mimmsy NEED to get together. Before the end of the ummer. I don't want to lose you guys, but it seems like we're drifting apart. I don't want that to happen. So we WILL get together. I promise. I love you!!

Jane Woodard

July 09 2005
yea, pretty sure drew IS. mmmmmmm

Rachael Robertson

July 09 2005
in love...

Brett Tenpenny

July 09 2005
drugs are what i was on when i was pregnant with you.


July 10 2005
the good ole days rock!!!