February 15 2006

So school is going well, but we graduate in like 3 mons!!!! I'm kinda gettin tired of comin..... work is ok... its work, what else is there to say about that? Friends are good, and wow.... at like 9:30 last night, I had a valentine! YAY! (don't ask!)   I was sick all week last week, and had to miss school on thursday, leave early friday! But I'm all better now.... another short week for me too, we got out monday, and 1/2 day on friday! YAY!!!!  but I will come back and write more for you.... love you guys!!!!!      mj*

Randy Rodden

February 18 2006
Hey wow I haven't seen you since freshman year!! Me and Sarah get lonely without you around our block!


February 23 2006
hey it is hannah!!! love ya,

Randy Rodden

March 08 2006
nothin much. You know besides keepin it real.... I saw your pic of some Lascassas Baptist Church that's pretty cool I guess!