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my 4th of july

July 04 2006

spent half of the day cooking.

ate lots of yummy food.

went to amber's.

played some interesting games.

went to see the fireworks.

hung around at ambers some more.

went driving around lascassas.

and sang at the top of my lungs.

quite a good day. 

Sarah Vermillion

July 05 2006
I saw you at the Mickey D's drive through... : p


July 09 2006
jessup emailed me back...... not a word about what i emaild him about. he was just asking if i was gonna be in town so i could help him. sooo yeah he said he was excited about this season. idk well see what happens.... im still excited itll be awesome any way!!!!


July 10 2006
hey i think your kinda right about milly. i think it should be half and half lol