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Time to make a difference

March 22 2006

Something good happened last night. I can't explain it, but yet I can.

I went to Encounter last night and Pastor Dan talked about making a difference in other people's lives. See, I have been working on a Short Sermon for Fine Arts but I coudn't really get what God was trying to say to me. Well, after being at Encounter last night, I realized something very important....I need to step it up a noch or two and quit being the same old person that I was yesterday. I need to quit being "Normal" and quit being "Negative". God does use normal people, but He helps them to get out of the "Normal" attitude of todays society and into a Spiritual attitude. If I keep being so "Negative" all the time, I am just going to keep going nowhere fast. It's time for me to step it up a noch and ignite my passion for God. 

brandi gates

March 22 2006
your right, i'm glad somebody at this school will stand up for what they believe good job steven!


March 22 2006
aww that's good!!!


March 23 2006
i flippin' love zelda. if i could, i'd marry him.

David Ambrose

March 24 2006
Richard is off to Maryland.

David Ambrose

March 24 2006
Mr 196 friends! Can you get on xanga?


March 27 2006
so yeah...that movie was weird.