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September 30, 2007

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im so tired of this.

im tired of being hurt

im tired of crying

im tired of not understanding

im tired of loosing what i had.

i just want everything to work.

Just tell me how i can get that.


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its funny how..

things turn on you..

just like that [snaps fingers]..

one moment.. you think its fine..

then he comes and screws you over..[not literaly.. geeze]

or how whenevr u use to hear his name and smile.. then one day you feel like crying..

be careful how u give your heart up.. its not great when your always the nice one.. and they know it and they think they can do anything with you heart.. and they turn on you and find someone else..

what ever happened to not having to worry all the time..

actually despite how sad i sound and feel.. im glad and happy how things are.. i have a greater self respect and im not acting the way i did anymore... im not deoressed and i feeel so much better..

i mean i give advice to people about dating and how its not the end of the worlld. and how you dont need a guy or girl to be happy.. but after going through it.. i think i believe it even more.. im gllad i dont need another persons happiness to make me happy.

just be carefull..

life is to short to waste it on a lost llove..

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run away girl.. run away now...

im a free spirited girl with a big heart, i just want you to love me... run away with me please....

i care for you so much.. but sometimes i feel like i just cant.. the way you smile at me makes me hurt. i just want you more and more.

sometimes i sing... but i wont ever let you hear me ... im afraid that you will understand me.

i just want love.. maybe i look for it in the wrong way..

but its the way you look at me..with those pretty boy eyes of yours.. its the way you smile. its the way you say those sweet things that makes a girls heart melt.

i just want to run away from it all... trying to forget that i mean so much to you. it makes me hurt inside.

but your simply beautiful.. its your voice that makes me come running back, and now i seem like im hopeless.. because i refuse to understand that im actually someone.. maybe its time for me to realize...the real me.

should i listen to my heart or go with what they all want... just to make "them" happy..?

i have always cared for those who need me...but that love cant close up that hole i have.. i need yours..but i cant have it...

we have these flip flop emotions.. like a typical teenager would... wanting to be older than we really are.. wanting to get out of this hurt we have caused.. but as soon as it comes around... its the only thing that keeps us going..wanting to stay out all day and all night...just to look in our eyes.. searching for that spark.. or that tear in side... knowing whats going to happen will hurt us..

im tired of my teenage emotions getting the best of me...

i seem to not make any sense to some people.

just look deep in my heart... you will unserstand why i cry.

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im a pokemon trainer... GOTTA CATCH EM ALL!


Phusebox has been taken over by myspace..

and thats a very sad thing,

i dont get on here that much anymore...


school  starts soon... and i dont wanna go back,.. but at the same time.. i do.. to see some more of my long lost friends of mine

Summer was absolutlly AMAZING

Vegas,charleston,dance camp,the pool, friends,partys

just sumpy amazing

So i have decided

As soon as i graduate im moving to Charleston South Carolina or somewhere in  North Carolina.... and Alexanna said shes comming with me.

Tennesse is just so boring.

plus that place is gorgeous.. [charleston that is]

but who knows... i might wind up staying here.. which i DONT WANT! but i never know yet.


Alot of thinking has been in action....

and i must think some more..


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Those pretty boy eyes of yours are Irresistible

So This Saturday I leave for Vegas!


Nationals will be alot of fun!

Then the day i come back i will be going to Charleston with Alexanna! YAY! [does crazy jumping screaming dance with alexanna]

and were gonna take lots of pictures!

it shall all be fun!!!!

so i might not be the best at relationships.. but i do know what it feels like to love.. and i do know that love hurts sometimes..but in those good ways....

friends mean the word to me and its hard to keep them... but i have managed not to screw up this past year.. and i love every single one of them...

I [heart] you

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