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To All Of my Friends on Phusebox...

February 02 2006

I have So many Friends on Phusebox now that I can't Say this to you as individuals right now.......HELLO...How are all of you? My week has been so great that I don't know where to begin. Okay, Here goes:

Sunday- My mom came to church, I was an usher for both morning services, I got to spend time with my mom for the first time since CHRISTmas, the guest musician who came told the entire congregation that God told him to buy me and my foster brothers a brand new suit, and he told everyone to buy his CD's and his books so he could give all of the money to me and my foster brothers to buy a brand new computer.

Monday- I said some things and did some things that I shouldn't have done, yet God gave me His favor....I didn't get in as much trouble as I should have.

Tuesday- My day was just awsome. I didn't have hardly anything to do in ALL of my classes. God helped me a little with my short sermon. (of course it's not done yet, we are still working on it)

Wednesday- I left school at 2:00pm to go to church for a fews minute until the pastor showed up, he drove me and my foster brothers to Nashville to meet with David Bayerly ( the guy who said he was going to buy us some suits), he bought us each a brand new suit, we got the suits tailored, Pastor Darla's uncle gave David Bayerly the money to buy all of us a brand new pair of dress shoes, (my uncle gave me and my biological brother three pairs of black dress socks), and I went to church to praise God for how much He has blessed me this week

Today- I don't know yet. I did start the day off by thanking God for how much He blessed my life since I became a Christian.

Rebecca Jensen

February 02 2006
I'm glad everything is going so well for you!

David Ambrose

February 02 2006
I forgive you for the things you said. Wow, I still can't believe what we did yesterday! That was real fun wasn't it?

David Ambrose

February 02 2006
Guess who has a phusebox now....Sam Murphy


February 09 2006
why exactly did you want that pic of me?

Maribeth Taglio

February 10 2006
aw all of you guys looked so nice in yalls suits! <3maribeth

Jeana Lewis

February 10 2006
Hi there! Glad to hear it's been a great week for you. Love ya!

Elisabeth Barber

February 14 2006
Happy Valentine's Dayyy!

Ashley who?

February 16 2006
yeah, he does :)


February 22 2006
hey hey! what's up steven!