September 23 2005
I was sitting in the learning center and someone said something about flying to nashville

well one of the girls that works in here is flying to nashville the same day as me(a little later though) and then we are on the same flight back to Orlando on Monday. . .


A BIG announcement

September 21 2005
Mark your calendars, plan a party, because ladies and gentlemen I'll be arriving in the great city of Murfreesboro on Wednesday. that would be ONE WEEK from this great day

i've been dancing around my apartment it's soooo exciting.

also. . .uh, i need someone to pick me up from the airport. please. . .my mom has to do something at MTSU that day

A random Blog

September 19 2005
This is gonna be totally random.

I took some pictures of WIshes(a magical celebration of disney dreams) last night from West Clock(where I catch the bus home). though it's not from in front of the castle, it's still cool. kinda funny that i've only been here a month and I can pick parts of the music out based on what fireworks are in the air. . .by January I'll be able to sing the whole song along with the show. . .

I have determined what i'm really really afraid of. please, don't laugh. . . all my life we use a bucket in the sink to do dishes, that way, if the water sits too long, you can just pour it out w/o touching it. . .well. my roomies don't like this philosophy, so they've removed the bucket my mom purchased when she brought me down here. . .and I've come to the conclusion, that I can't touch cold dirty dishwater. . .I can usually touch it if it's hot, but not cold. . .don't laugh

I have Wednesday and Thursday off this week. I might go to the beach. and then. for the weekend i'm supposed to come home, i definetly was given a 10 hour shift on saturday. dang scheduler. . .i guess i'll be calling in sick that weekend. b/c the plane tickets are already bought.

well that is all, have a magical day! (b/c Lord knows mine is gonna be full of magic :: rolls eyes ::)

oh, and nathan, I love how if i accidently hit back on my browser and then forward to come back to my post, i don't lose it all(knock on wood!)

Disney Can take me places.

September 17 2005
Walt Disney World Resort --- Walt Disney World Co.

Title: Disney Institute Youth Programs Facilitator Internship US-FL-Lake Buena Vista

This intern is responsible for facilitating a variety of educational field trip experiences for visiting student groups, 2nd-12th grade. Using Walt Disney World Resort as a living classroom, this intern will work in partnership with park operation areas and Disney Institute Leadership to provide a seamless, fun-filled learning experience to a diverse audience. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: Successfully complete training for a minimum of four youth programs. Consistently deliver programs that exceed Guest expectations. Demonstrate excellent communication, facilitation, and presentation skills. Use sound judgment while leading small groups throughout the theme parks. Model Walt Disney World Guest Service Guidelines with Guests and Cast. Conduct program confirmation calls with educators. Prepare program supplies for all Disney Institute programs.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: (These are the minimum qualifications you need to be considered for the job.)
*Junior or Senior
*Majoring in Education, Recreation, Psychology, Science, Computer Studies, History, Literature, Entertainment Arts, Production, Animation or Fine Arts, Business, Language Arts, and International Cultures
*Classroom or related experience
*Experience in program facilitation, training, camp counseling

*Fluency in a second language
*Disney College Program Alumni

To the one. . .

September 16 2005
To the person(people??) whose advice i'm too stubborn to listen to always remember, that as ignorant as I may seem. . .

photo from lauraebeth

I've also been talking to someone tonight who has made me realize some crazy profound things about relationships and the such(no one knows this person, so don't ask)

Florida is good, and I really wanna come see everyone. . .

and mom, don't ask. b/c I don't feel like sharing. and I won't

QOTD: "So it's offical, Disney doesn't care about us." ~Angel Thomas(the coolest negro I know)

I recieved some books today in the mail that will distract me from schoolwork for at least the next 3 weeks. it's a series!

Photo From lauraebeth

September 15 2005
I bought a purse today. the funny thing is that I don't carry a purse here b/c i just carry my backpack back and forth to work. but anyway, i bought a purse today

photo from lauraebeth

I worked with an attractive italian speaking guy named Bryan today. too bad he doesn't live in Chatham. . .


September 12 2005
tonight, I was trying to get off my bed and go get something. and then, I managed to flip off my bed, into the floor, as my roomie walked by

I think it qualifies as the funniest thing i've ever done

for once this post looks a lot cooler on xanga

September 11 2005
Oh my gosh, these little christians are sooooo dang rude, annoying, and slutty.

yes my friends. christians. Never in my life have I encountered more obnoxious people. and you'd think. honestly. it's a Jesus event.

To the teens and NBYG alumni that read this. . .it makes everything Skid says about how to act in public with the group valid. . . . But on the bigger scale.

Like, I was always well behaved when I went on those trips with the group. but now, working on the other side of the fence, I realize that the biggest problem the church has(this being, all christian organizations, not just the CoC) is that we don't watch are actions in public, nor do we take into consideration that the world never stops watching.

take a minute and stand on the other side of the fence.

also, As I was leaving work tonight. someone asked me where to buy alcohol.

yes sir, someone asked where to buy beer at a christian event.


September 10 2005
A guy asked me where to buy beer tonight at magic kingdom

during Night of Joy

also, my phone is pissing me off b/c i've got too many numbers in it and i can't delete more than one at a time

it's really making me angry

Night of Joy

September 10 2005
An event to some considered the "nights of terror" it's acutally considered one of Disney's "holidays". this "holiday" is equal to Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Night of Joy is a HUGE two night event for christian music. Well, according to my roomie who works on the west side said it was sooo cool, she got to see the concert(matthew west and casting crowns) and everyone was so nice and into Jesus

Now, on the east side, it consisted of people that annoyed me a bit, and then me giving directons to a theater I wasn't really sure of the location of. . .

Night of Joy is ironically the worst time of the year for disney. More stuff is stolen and more money is lost than any other holiday season.

Strange isn't it. A huge christian event, and more stuff stolen than any other time . . .

:: on a side note, I sold soda to a family from Murfreesboro today. Their kids go to Reeves Rogers(daughter had a school shirt on, I mean seriously what are the chances of another reeves rogers) but I did ask, so they really were from M'boro. and that was quite an exciting time for me ::


September 09 2005
the question may be posed what do people do at this hour. well. here are some ideas

1. bounce between apartments and ask for sugar until you fill your sugar container
2. go through your apartment phone directory and call everyone(that is if you live at disney, b/c we don't have caller ID)
3. Take random pictures
4. talk to the old crazy neighbor

that's all i got


September 07 2005
I have to work till midnight!!!!

:: sigh ::


September 06 2005
The whole homework thing isn't working so well for me right now.

My roomies need to go to work so I can stay home alone and freaking study

and yet another update. The teacher for the class i've been totally stressing over because I had the late assignment posted this tonight:BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I uploaded the wrong file for WK2 and did not notice the error quickly enough. In the correct file, the assignment is slightly briefer and the due date is Sept. 11, not Sept. 4. I apologize for the mistake and for the anxiety it caused some of you. I will find a way of making it up to you later this semester.

wow. . .I have a few more days

:: sigh ::

I crop pictures instead of homework

photo from lauraebeth

While you were sleeping. . .

September 05 2005
I was laying in bed today working on homework and I started to read something for my english class when I decided I was kinda tired. So I took a nap. and then woke up like 4 hours later.

I got out of bed and walked into the living room, and my room mates had rearranged. it was kinda interesting, and I enjoy it more

that is all.

but then, there is more
Update: Orlando: 11:59, Murfreesboro: 10:59

we all recall my putting up pictures of my fabulous apartment when I got here

photo from lauraebeth

well, we re-arranged.

photo from lauraebeth

and the rest of the pictures are located in my picture album

very large birds

September 04 2005
everyone should take note of the pictures to the right. these birds were in my hallway this morning. and they're very large

Cingular Eat my face!!

September 03 2005
so I called Cingular again today, b/c I soooo convientiently dropped my phone in the pool.

well this time, I talked to a man.

HE told me that there is actually a one year warrenty on the phone, not just 30 days. So this guy said "let me transfer you to the return by mail department, and here is the number in case you get disconnected" he proceeds to give me a number for that department. a number that I'd been given like 2 days before, I informed the man of this. I told him that I was transferred to that department a few days before, was hung up on, had to dial that number, was transfered to another department, had to wait in a queue line and then told I was gonna get called back when I had the opportunity to talk to a manager. needless to say I was never called back. After I spilled this story to this man, he was like. . .hold on a second, let me get a form. He got a form, filled it out, and I'm getting a new phone for free on Wednesday.

ha! cingular, eat my face!

Hurricane Katrina

September 02 2005
It angers me that there are people in this country that have NO respect for what happend in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama with the Hurricane. There was a guy at the pool today that said they don't need our gas and if he were in that situation he'd be canoeing around the streets, or get a boat and dive down for beer and have parties. . .i wanted to hurt him, ,but he was much larger than me.

I've posted pictures of my grandmothers house on the right. and I know that my mom's friend Margo is currently lving in Houston, TX b/c their house is pretty bad.

adding more. . .Pac Sun has a credit card specifically for college students, the credit limit is only $200 and all four of us were immediately approved tonight. but no worries, i just bought a really cheap cute skirt, and really expensive cute shoelaces. . .i'm going to the outlet in the morning

also, it's kinda hard to do school work with so much going on in my apartment. I plan to sit down tomorrow(today) and complete as much as possible. it's so wierd being able to do school on my own schedule. . . :: sigh ::

stuck in my nose. . .

September 01 2005
I promise that the smell of muffins, turkey legs, and pretzels is lodged into my nose. I worked launching pad today, and that's what we sold

I also have been trying for 4 days to get cingular to fix my phone, but they just tell me that they can sell me a new one for $150. and that's just not worth it. well, I finally just said, screw it. and called motorola, where they told me I could buy a new faceplate.

screw cingular.

tinkle. . .

August 29 2005
my roommate just caught a toad as she kinda made it accidently go into our apartment. . .and it pee'd in her hand

Scheduling. . .

August 28 2005
i'm sooo sad. . . I have to work on next friday and saturday. I hope I get to talk to my scheduler because I really wanted the 9th and 10th off. There are those Nigh of Joy concerts and I don't wanna have to work.punks. . .

photo from lauraebeth

photo from lauraebeth