July 12 2006

the best birthday i have ever had... hands down.i have survived 17 years, i am pretty proud of myself.  

summer has been great, except for that whole "looking for colleges" thing, and having to work when it is perfect outside. besides that it has been a whole bunch of nothing but relaxation. what more could a girl ask for? 

it would have to be the best summer i have ever had.

Beth Farrar

July 12 2006
aww i didn't know today was ur birthday!! happy birthday!

the brian king kenobi

July 13 2006
happy birthday . . . we need to hang out. soon.


July 13 2006
what'd ya do for your birthday?? We should do something sometime.

Lisa A

July 21 2006
hey i didnt kno it was ur b-day but im glad it was awesome! happy birthday !!!!!! glad ur having a good summer