April 23 2006

Is there an easy way to convert a picture on my pc from PNG to Jpeg? Wanted to post a friend I met on our cruise but......

Also looking for a good website with Christian clipart.  I make our church bulletins and altho I have a good program I am running out of different ones, especially for "singing" and "men's ministry".

The eclipse pictures were taken by a relative that went to Lybia to see it.

Jeana Lewis

April 23 2006
Hi! Try copy/pasting your photo to "paint" in your "accessories" in your start menu. You should be able to save as a more usable file. For clip art try Google Images. Go to the Google homepage and select the Images tab. Set your preferences on that same page. Even the moderate setting will take out most of the less appropriate pics. Then type key words like singing, clipart. I usually can find what I need for our church publications there.

Bill Morgan

April 23 2006
Rebekah's PAINT suggestion works ... I do that a lot. Let us know how it goes