VERY Strange!

July 01 2006
Has anyone had the following happen to them before? We were in our car, a 2001 Buick, w/o Onstar yesterday and suddenly a loud voice came through the speakers saying "VOICE FEEDBACK IS NOW OFF". Any idea what this could have been? Was our car 'bugged', hmmm. Thanks for ideas.


April 23 2006

Is there an easy way to convert a picture on my pc from PNG to Jpeg? Wanted to post a friend I met on our cruise but......

Also looking for a good website with Christian clipart.  I make our church bulletins and altho I have a good program I am running out of different ones, especially for "singing" and "men's ministry".

The eclipse pictures were taken by a relative that went to Lybia to see it.

For Starters...

April 22 2006

Whee, where to begin? Finally got my photo entered but how to set this type style & size is another story. It's great to read about ya'll and helps this ole granny know whats going on in your world. Before I write more I need to see how this sends and if I get accepted as your friend.

With love from the Kitkat