Big Surprise

March 20 2006
What Kind of Music Are You? :::pics:::
created by neversaydie

Your Results:
You are a respectable, simple, and kind person. You're
an american classic who enjoys fishing, hunting, and driving big
trucks. You're deeper and smarter than most people think and the
highlight of your year is Countryfest. You're not bound by love, sex, or
any other kind of commitment. You just plain enjoy life.

I'd say that about right...but it's FanFair...not Counrtyfest...well it was.  Now is the CMA Music Festival but whatever.  It's still fun, although I've never been, but I wanna go. 


March 20 2006
enjoys fishing, hunting, and driving big trucks? deeper and smarter than most people think? man, that's deep

Laura Polis

March 20 2006
house of heroes. . .did they play at the KY show?


March 21 2006
they did! i liked them

Rebecca Jensen

March 23 2006
Thank you (sheepish look)

Rebecca Jensen

March 27 2006
well.... it's like a drama done to a song... it's sorta half way between a dance and drama you don't speak but you may or may not lip-sinc... it's a drama... if done right, they can be an extremely effective ministry tool.. oh and for me, it has to be christian for this.