disaster relief

September 01 2005
Everyone remember to give something to the relief.. even if it's something like tolet paper or some dollar store tooth brushes or just something. It doesn't hit home for alot of people if you didn't know anybody there but for the 30-40 students in my church that were there 3 years ago, the church we helped to re-build or maintain is probley under about 20 feet of water right now and the mission center near the center of New Orleans. I feel soooo bad about all of that. That church was working so hard to stay alive.. they were almost ruined in Allison but i'm sure that this storm just blew them away. If your the praying type then please remember them.


August 29 2005
So i have a "job" now or really she just is gonna call me when she needs me. It's catering?? How do you spell that? Whatever it'll be fun and my 1st job is tomorrow!! So church was good on sunday and it'll be cool on wednesday too! And I think that pretty soon i'm gonna be swamped with work for my pre-school class but i'll talk about that later because the bells about to ring.. adios

Make A Difference

August 26 2005
I survived!!! I also almost knocked over 2 of their lights. I promised that i wasn't that clumsey but hey they don't know me so that can think whatever they want. Bells aboutto ring though so i'll type some more later and maybe sometime later when i get those pics i can put acouple up on this site... if they're not to bad! :-)>

- in situ -

August 25 2005
Yes that is a forgein word.. Is that how you spell forgein?? It doesn't look right to me. foreign? Anyways, I don't feel good at all and I have senior pictures today. ugg.. Thats were I gotta dress up all nice and wear makeup and do my hair (i'm exhausted already) and then i sit there for 5 minutes (for each outfit) while people take pictures of me. I don't wanna. Alrighty then. g2g buh bye

argg... school

August 23 2005
So my school is full of idiots! They won't let me into my xanga site but they'll let me in here.. Oh yeah they're good! So not much else to say.. adios

Stupid should hurt!

August 19 2005
ok then... i'm here, i'm alive, school had started and if you want to know anuthing else go look at my other site because my wrist really hurts.. good night


August 11 2005
So i'm here. Whats new?? Not much here. I don't know when i was here last... ok then g2g.. i really don't have much to say... I might shut down this site.. I dunno yet.

I'm alive!

August 08 2005
Yes, i am alive and doing ok. I offically have no wisdom teeth and my youth minister insists that now all my wisdom is gone! He's a big dork though so it's all good and gravy! The bottom jaw really hurts from the bone grafts and all but the top hardly hurts!! *yea baby* alrighty then i'll be 17 in 38 minutes and my birthday is official in 18hrs and 12min. oh yeah i'm good! good night to all who wonder. I"m tired from my meds!

yup, i'm awake!

August 04 2005
My mom woke me up at 5 this morning. So i am achey all over because yesterday i went up to my church and helped out with some stuff. Remodeling and whatnot. So my arms and shoulders hurt soooo bad! but it's ok cuz i love doing that kinda stuff. I'm tired and i have chores to do so if i don't fall asleep i can have them done and then go to my school and take care of all that school stuff before it even starts!
Only 5 more days til i'm 17!!!
I like that number, it sounds alot better then 16


August 01 2005
I think..
Thats it.
I think, therefore i get a headache.
hahahaha, I'm sooo funny and i can't spell. So i went to another dentist today and already i am scheduled for my wisdom teeth to be taken out on friday.. *oh goodie* Whatever will i do without them? Will i become stupid? Of course i'm not exactly what you would call brilliant in the first place. I've always wondered why in fact they call them your widom teeth.. anybody know?
-------- booga ---------
Only 8 more days until my birthday!
*yeah baby*

things gone wrong

July 30 2005
so i told my friend acoupla days ago how i felt about how much she has completly changed over the past yr and how i feel i dont' know her anymore... that went well... whatever, it needed to be said by somebody. alotta people have been thinking it for a while and i didn't want to be the one to tell her but she did have to be told for her own good and i feel somewhat relieved that now when i'm around her i don't have to pretend it's all ok.. does that make me a bad person?

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

July 29 2005
ah yes the meds i was on... i had a root canal and they had complications so they put me on some pain killers just in case which didn't help anyways.. adios i'm still tired

Alrighty then...

July 28 2005
Ok so today is going ok so far. I woke up, I can drive again because i am of my pain killers. (like they helped anyway) I got my 2 older sisters b-day presents, i got my hair cut and i took my sisters letter jacket in for dry-cleaning. OMG they charge $25 for that stupid jacket but then again i kinda tore it up in the 2yrs i wore it so i owe my sister that. Anyways i'm here now and i'm bored... whats today? the... uh.. 28th? So that means only 11 or maybe 12 days until my birthday!!! *yay for me* buh bye 4 now.. movie time! :-)>
~More funnyz~
-I'm so hungry, i'm farting fresh air!
-I don't suffer from insanity: I enjoy every minute of it!
-Some people are alive only because God told me it was illegal to kill. (*darn*)

Funny things...

July 26 2005
-Someday your prince will come. Mine got lost, took a wrong turn, and is to stubborn to ask for directions.
-A nuclear war can ruin your whole day.
-Why be normal?
-If it doesn't fit, force it; if it breaks, it needed replacement anyway.
-We have enough youth, how about a fountain of SMART?
-Just because your paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you!
-Doctors say I have multiple personality, but we don't agree with that.

Whats today again?

July 25 2005
*oh yeah* now i remember. Today is pain day at the dentist! and it's only like 15 more days until my birthday!! *yeah baby* Well our church is making some big changes on teh youth side, it urks me but after a while i think it's do-able. I think in the long run the changes might help the church, or at least the youth side. Big church though (were all the "adults" go) i don't think they're gonna like the new changes. They're supposed to change our 11a.m. service to a more contemporary style but the guy who does the music, is pretty much not bent on the change. My friend tried out to play over there and she said the music is exactly the same just alittle more upbeat. Ugg... the evil music director completly dissed our music on the youth side, because what we play David Crowder, Lifehouse, and other cool bands songs? It wouldn't be so bad if all we played were songs written by other artists, but Aric (the music minister) wrote some of those songs and they are really good and reach alot of people. This guy needs to roll with the times alittle bit... I feel better now that i've said all that. I really need to talk to my youth minister about all of this. I'm alittle worried that some of our youth group will stop coming on Sundays and that our youth side will slowly go buh bye. I need to go eat so adios.

18 days to my birthday..

July 22 2005
If I only had a brain!
-Wizard of OZ-
Funny sayings for my personal amusment:
-Adults are just kids with money.
-Don't play stupid with me... I'm better at it.
-Humpty Dumpty.........................was pushed!

One Day : Simple Plan

July 20 2005
I wish i could go to sleep and not wake up for about a week at least. 1 more day of torture... I can hardly wait. :-)

today, tomorrow, the next day...

July 16 2005
So i think that i could definitly find a much better picture for my profile but to lazy to actually do any of that.. I'm sooo tired and I got church tomorrow, of course so do millions of others. I feel really bad for our summer interns though, they have to be there at 7:45 and I don't even get up til like 8 - 8:15ish then i dont leave til 8:45. My poor friend Chris is an intern and he lives about 35 minutes from the church. :-)> hahaha! Ok, only 1 more week of baby sitting to go and $196 more dollars to earn! *yeah baby* I miss my AWANA and choir kids, I can't wait to see them all again. If only we could start that up again but skip school! It's 10:14p.m. and i'm tired.. that doesn't make sense?!?!?! I'm gonna aply for a job at the YMCA, i hope i get it! I need the money. Alrightly then, good night!
p.s. I'm gonna put up my non-good pictures of Lifehouse!


July 15 2005
My uncle came home early today so i got to leave at 11! yeah!!! I needed a break... my stomach needed a break to! So i'm rich, not quite but i have money to finally put together my photo album from San Diego and my photo album from my 2 family reunions this summer which i will probley just get those pics develped and put them somewhere... And then i need to find a job before school starts again! I'll be broke if i don't and then i'll be in BIG trouble cuz i have bills to pay. Ugg being responsible sucks! ~lol~ Ok then, i just gotta remember God take care of it all.. I'll be fine.

*yeah baby*

July 14 2005
I updated my photo because the other one was horrible yet cool cuz i was like 3 maybe 4 feet from those seals! Ok then, I'm tired after yet another day baby-sitting... Ever have that feeling like your bladder will explode if you don't pee that very second? Add a 125lb boy jump/sitting on you.. fun!?!?! I think not. Welcome to my world of baby sitting my cousins!
These scars remind me my past is real.
-i dunno-
---------------------- :-) -------------------------------

Your Brain is 66.67% Female, 33.33% Male

Your brain leans female

You think with your heart, not your head

Sweet and considerate, you are a giver

But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!

What Gender Is Your Brain?

booga booga

July 13 2005
ok, so i think i'm getting the hang of this! *yeah baby* i put some photo's up from a mission trip i was on about 3-4 months ago! I might put more up tomorrow but i'm tired and it takes FOREVER! My computer is soooo incredibly slow! good night


July 11 2005
So today has got to be one of the longest days of my life. My aunt hired me to watch my cousins and i quit my job around the 1st or 2nd week of May so i'm not used to this whole time schedule thingy anymore. I had to be over at her house at 7:30 in the morning! Theres a wake up call!, and she didn't get home til about 4:30ish... I was soooo tired i think i took like a 2 maybe 3 hr nap!! I wrestle the youngest but just because he's 8 almost 9 does NOT mean ANYTHING. That child is like 4'10 and weighs like 120lbs. Lucky i have a strong tolerance for pain so when he dug his nails into me and tried to rip my hair out... i wasn't fazed until later when the headache came! Ugg.. It's kinda sad that the only people on this website i know/converse with is the website creator and Amy, well i don't mind. Soon i'll get a real part-time job and my church classes will start up and i'll be lucky if i get on once a wk! :-) good night/morning

Tip: I can't spell!

July 10 2005
hello! i think i'm getting it! ok then church was awsome today... but i really needed to talk to my youth minister Russell and he wasn't there, ugg.
for Amy: Russell, Aric, and Wes all have i think 2yr olds now. for the summer we're experimenting and changed wed. to tues. so that we can go to big church on wed. with everybody else. we have 5 interns this summer plus our year round intern (= 6) and if you knew/know Ben Niscavits he married our present yr round intern... humm what else? Likeminds split up, very sad. Aric still plays and is currently trying to get some people together to form the Aric Harding band and i graduate next year! class of "06!!! *yeah baby* i'm soooo excited! well, i miss you! ttyl
e-mail me sometime @ ke_sue@yahoo.com it'd probley be easier


July 10 2005
ok so i'm here.. now what do i do? anybody know? ok then it's like xanga all over again... oh goodie! that's ok i did it once i can do it again...