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nothing much...

I'm scared.

February 28 2009
The hard road offers a greater reward than the wide and well traveled. I'm scared for the spiritual and emotional well being of a dear friend.


February 08 2009
I think Nathan got kidnapped. He started working on the new Phusebox and never finished.

Bad week.

December 17 2008



I don't usually blog, but there's a lot on my mind. My dad's in the hospital recovering with viral meningitis, my dog may die, and there's various problems everywhere. I need slack on my stress-rope.

Drum Corps International

July 26 2008

So I went to see DCI- a drum corps show. 


The band went and this stuff blew my mind. It was all drums and more drums and a little brass.

Anyway in closing I say:


I Love You

July 21 2008
I really think that these words are too powerful to be used within the teenage dating realm. Removing these words from a relationship fixes a lot of the problems afterwards. Love is one of the most powerful emotions you can feel.

Mime camp/ band camp/ general week

July 20 2008


Mime Camp was awesome. My profile pic shows me, carmen, todd, and kenny playing worship around the campfire. I got really close to a few people that I haven't been close to in awhile and it feels good.



Band Camp was OK. I had to learn all i had missed in a day so i did alright. Got a freaking huge blister that severely limits my playing, but over all it was a good time and a time well spent.



My  week was full. I saw Batman on friday at the drive in. I should have been at a lock in but I missed it(sorry). And in general what a good week it has been in the life of Jacob. 


July 13 2008

So I'm supposed to be at church. My parents stayed up late last night watching a movie. My Dad went to choir this morning. Oh snap.


So my mom's still asleep. I'm on the computer; Guess who's not going to church! 


July 11 2008



I thought this was awesome and I wanted to share it with you all. I want to challenge you to stand.


The girl.

July 10 2008

I'm not going to get her,

she loves some one else.

I never figured for anything serious,

but nothing serious is better than nothing.


She drops hints, compliments,

never stop and know this gent.

I'm leaving this here and leaving her behind. 


July 07 2008

So I realized today that although the way I am trying to do things may be more efficient, but less understandable. The other idea would arrive at the same conclusion, but less efficiently. Lack of communication caused misunderstanding, while all this time I could've sat back and let the idea happen, ending this whole ordeal easily.


Fighting for my way won't get anything done, especially if the other person is right. 

Diverse City-Tobymac

June 09 2008

 A) Funkadelic

 B) Afrotastic

 C) Psychadelic

 D) All of the Above


June 05 2008

Well I'm headed to indie-ana tomorrows. 

I'll probably still get on but in case I don't nobody panic!

Oh wait, no one messages me...Never mind!

Stupid addictively fun questionnaires

May 30 2008
Level 1: 
[ ]I had an asthma attack 
[ ]Smoked A Cigarette 
[ ]Smoked A Cigar 
[ ]Smoked Weed 
[ ] Kissed A Member Of The Same Sex 
[ ]Drank Alcohol 
[X]Been In Love 
[X]Been Dumped 
[ ]Been Fired 
[X]Been In A Fist Fight 
[ ]Snuck Out Of A Parent's House 
Total: 3Level 2: 
[X]Had Feelings For Someone Who Didn't Have Them Back 
[ ]Been Arrested/Seen Someone You Know Get Arrested 
[ ]Made Out With A Stranger 
[ ]Gone Out On A Blind Date 
[X]Had A Crush On An Older Person 
[X]Skipped School 
[ ]Slept With A Co-worker 
[X]Seen Someone/Something Die 
Total: 4Level 3: 
[ ] Been On A Plane 
[X] Thrown Up From Drinking 
[X] Eaten Sushi 
[ ] Been Snowboarding 
[X] Met Someone BECAUSE Of Myspace 
[X] Been Mosh Pitting 
[X] Taken Pain Killers 
[X] Love(d) Someone Who You Can't Have 
[ ] Been in a BAD relationship 
Total: 6Level 4: 
[x]Laid On Your Back And Watched Cloud Shapes Go By 
[x]Made A Snow Angel 
[ ]Had A Tea Party 
[X]Flown A Kite 
[X]Built A Sand Castle 
[ ]Gone Puddle Jumping 
[ ]Played Dress Up 
[x]Made A Pile Of Leaves 
[x]Gone Sledding 
[x]Jumped Into A pile of leaves 
[x]Cheated While Playing A Game 
total:  7Level 5: 
[x]Been Lonely 
[X]Fallen Asleep At Work/School 
[ ]Used A Fake/Someone Else's ID 
[x]Watched The Sun Set/sun rise 
[X]Felt An Earthquake 
[ ]Kissed A Snake 
[X]Been Tickled 
[X]Been Robbed/Vandalized 
[X]Robbed Someone 
[X]Been Misunderstood 
total: 8Level 6: 
[ ]Pet A Deer 
[X]Won A Contest 
[X]Been Suspended 
[X]Had Detention 
[X]Been In A Car/Motorcycle Accident 
[X]Had/Have Braces 
[ ]Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night 
[X]Had deja vu 
[X]Danced in the moonlight 
[ ]Hate(d) The Way You Look 
total: 7Level 7: 
[X]Witnessed A Crime 
[X]Questioned Your Heart 
[X]Been obsessed with post-it-notes 
[x]Squished Barefoot Through The Mud 
[x]Been Lost 
[ ]Been To The Opposite Side Of The World 
[X]Swam In The Ocean 
[X]Felt Like You Were Dying 
[x]Cried Yourself To Sleep 
total: 8Level 8: 
[X]Played Cops And Robbers 
[ ]Recently Colored With Crayons/Colored Pencils/Markers 
[X]Sang Karaoke 
[X]Done Something You Told Yourself You Wouldn't 
[X]Made Prank Phone Calls 
[X]Laughed until some kind of beverage came out your nose 
[ ]Kissed In The Rain 
[X]Written A Letter To Santa Claus 
[ ]Been Kissed Under A Mistletoetotal: 6Level 9:[X]Watched the sunset w/ someone you care/cared about 
[X]Blown Bubbles 
[X]Made A Bonfire On The Beach 
[X]Crashed A Party 
[X]Have Traveled More Than 5 Days With A Car Full Of People 
[x]Gone Rollerskating/Blading 
[x]Had A Wish Come True 
[ ]Been Humped By A Monkey 
[ ]Worn Pearls 
[X]Jumped Off A Bridge 
total: 8Level 10: 
[X]Screamed 'Penis' 
[ ]Swam With Dolphins 
[X]Got your tongue stuck to a pole/freezer/ice cube/Popsicle 
[ ]Kissed A Fish 
[X]Worn The Opposite Sex's Clothes 
[X]Sat On A Roof Top 
[X]Screamed At The Top Of Your Lungs 
[X]Done/ATTEMPTED A One-Handed Cartwheel 
[X]talked on the phone for more than 6 hours 
[X]stayed Up All Night 
total: 8Level 11: 
[X]Picked & Ate An Apple Right Off The Tree 
[X]Climbed A Tree 
[X]Had/Been In A Tree House 
[ ]Have been/Are scared To Watch Scary Movies alone 
[ ]Seen a Ghost 
[ ]Have/Had More Then 30 Pairs Of Shoes or Flip Flops 
[X]gone streaking 
[X]Been to/Visited Someone At Jail 
[X]Played Chicken 
[ ]Been Pushed Into A Pool With All Your Clothes On 
total: 6Level 12:[X]Been Told You're Hot By A Complete Stranger 
[ ]Broken A Bone 
[X]Are/Been Easily Amused (very)
[X]Caught A Fish 
[X]Caught A Butterfly 
[X]Laughed So Hard You Cried 
[X]Cried So Hard You Laughed 
[X]Mooned/Flashed Someone 
[X]had someone Moon/Flash You 
total: 8Level 13:[x]Cheated On A Test 
[x]Forgotten Someone's Name 
[X]Slept Naked 
[ ]French braided someones hair 
[X]Gone Skinny dipping In A pool 
[ ]Been Kicked Out Of Your House. 
[x]Rode A Roller Coaster 
[ ]Had A Cavity 
total: 5Level 14:

[ ]Been Used (horrible feeling)
[X]Fell Going Up The Stairs 
[X]Licked A Cat 
[X]Bitten Someone 
[ ]Licked Someone 
[X]Been shot at with a paint ball/bee bee gun

[ ]Had sex in a field/garden 
[X]Flattened someones tires 
[X]Drove in a car until it ran out of gas 
[x]Had five dollars or less and bought something. 
total: 7

Final Total: 103 out of 140 

Don't say so long...

May 18 2008

Don't say so long 

And throw the cell phone.


As soon as I heard that line I thought of Kaelynn.  Enjoy!

Follow You, Into the Dark

May 13 2008
Lyrical masterpiece. I love it.


May 12 2008

"You find no motivation

Inside this new love that you've found"


 Amazing song that rocks hard. Hope you like it


(//WARNING: Not for fragile ears\) 

I can't believe...

May 09 2008

Wow. Love screws up EVERYTHING. Sometimes I wish the sexes were separated just to straighten things out. I'm gonna throw some rules out here that are true of all relationships:


1. How it begins=How it ends

2. Deal with your problems with your feelings for other people privately. Or at least not in front of the people it deals with.


Experience tells me that these hold true. I'm so tired of drama that results from "love".


<For The Love Of The Game> 

Hey Carmen!

April 29 2008
Is this the song you were talking about?


April 25 2008
It has come to my attention that a lot of people are burned by love.

Health Day

April 16 2008

So today I took a day off because I got spacers and I couldn't sneeze without cringing in pain. It was quite amazing though because I appreciated not getting homework.


I realized today that everything isn't smooth about love. It's a road filled with curve balls.(Yes, I just trainwrecked two metaphors) And another thing:


"One of those two people will stand up for that relationship every time if it's right." -Dr. Cox


April 06 2008

Subject of many a conversation. Philosophers have attempted to wrap their minds around it for centuries. True love is the Creator. So how do we comprehend it? Predict it? Control our own?


WE Can't


New lesson for me. I don't work love, It works me. The Creator works me. I look for love and find human flaws when all the while a true lover waits for me in heaven and in my heart.


I find it quite interesting that I can't find it when its in my heart...


January 02 2008
Ah change. The single most contreversial thing...ever. I changed my myspace completely to accommodate the new year. Who moved my cheese? The truth is that no one cares. Change comes. Life is nothing but change. The sooner you embrace the cheese-moving, the sooner you become cool with life in general, and life in turn is cooler to you. Leave your thoughts please.

christamus. a.k.a. gifts.

December 27 2007
I had a great christmas. I hope you all did as well. I still cant believe that our society has commerciallized christmas to the point of absolute skipping of family and going straight to the gifts.(a.k.a. skip you, its all 'bout me) I am not immune; i have to fight it off. But there is hope! Comerciallism must be fought with the reason of christmas.

Alot about nuthing

November 02 2007
I have a lot on my mind so i dont write thoughts because if i did a large mob would come after me becausi i would overload Phusebox. And so i leave with this:



September 23 2007

Arlington Tennessee Band Competition:Dickson County High School Marching Band

Best in Division Percussion

Best in Division Color Gaurd

Best in Division Drum Major

Best in Division (period)



Last week we won in Henderson:

Best in Division Percussion

Best in Division Horn Line

Best in Division

Superior Band Award

Grand Champions in Small Band Class


I see a pattern.