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February 15 2006
I never update this thing, so if I don't write you back, it's not because I don't like you. In fact, I probably love you. I'm just busy. So, we'll holla. Love, Heefus.


November 09 2005

is terrible. i missed class today because i felt like crap. but art was canceled and we only watched a movie with dsg. Am fending off a fever and wondering how I'll get through my seminar tomorrow...AAARRRRRRGH!!! It's cool though. It's my last seminar class of my collegiate career, so that thought will get me through. We'll holla, i gotta eat and study and rest. and go get some powerade.

love heefus

the heefus

November 03 2005

Series One: Basics

Name: Heath Everette Capps
Birthdate: 08/16/83
Current location: oxford, ms
Height: 5' 7.75" (it's true five seven and three quarters inches)
Eye color: dookie brown
Hair color: brown (almost black i'm told)
Righty or Lefty: righty...shoot pool and sweep lefty though. And used to switch hit. That's right, I'm a baller. Or was. Nah, still am.
Innie or outie: in

Series Two: Describe...

your heritage: scot, irish, pirates from the isle of mann, maybe some french, maybe some native american(everybody says that though)
your faith: Christian, in a weird hippie-world-view kind of way
your politics: politics are for morons
your hair: haha. long and skanky right getting a haircut soon, i swear

your fears: no straight up fears i guess. maybe the 'real world' is a worry...graduation looming on the horizon makes me feel old. I pretty much have a lot of stuff I worry about, but it's not me. I'M NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING

Series Three: What Is....

your most over-used phrase: depends. maybe 'bout it' or 'booya'
your best physical feature: some girlies like the hair, some the eyes, some the beard. I think it's all the hair.
your bedtime: this week, been around 2:30am. Normally averages an hour before that.

your greatest accomplishment: of the semester--making it through this week, assuming i get through DSG's test tomorrow

your fondest memory: they're simple, but fulfilling. I love christmas and new year's back home in SC with the family and friends. Good people, good food.
your favorite article of clothing: holy jeans and t-shirt

Series Four: Do you prefer...

Coke or Pepsi? neither, water.
McDonald's or Burger King? Subway
single or group dates? single dates in the beginning, group is cool after you know the person. Still prefer single though.
Lipton or Nestea? i dunno, whatever scott makes

Chocolate or Vanilla? neither, but chocolate if i am forced to decide.
cappuccino or coffee? coffee
glasses or contacts? contacts pretty much until they mess up, then i bring out the glasses (and transform into a manly harry potter, no lie)

Series Five: Do you...

smoke? nope
curse? unfortunately
sing? a singing/whistling man has nothing on his mind...yea i do
shower daily? if by daily you mean every other day or every three days, yes.
like school? yeah, but i'm ready for life
want to get married? yeah, sooner rather than later. There's that bit about finding the female though. that's always gets in the way. Maybe I'll just try the mail-order thing.

type with your fingers on the right keys? absolutely
think you are attractive? been told a few times. Okay okAY, I think i'm attractive. But not until i get a haircut. Right now I just look skanky.

Series Six: Have you ever...

been in love? yep, once
had your heart broken? haven't we all
eaten sushi? nope
been on stage? yes, i got roped into doing FAME as a senior at Amory...luckily, I only had a few lines.
been roller-skating? i was born with four wheels on each foot
made homemade cookies? no, but i have eaten my grandmother's and they ROCK
gone skinny-dipping? nope, i think i'm a prude
dyed your hair? yea, back in the skata stage, i had blond streaks one summer
played a game that required removal of clothing? not that I can remember. if i did, obviously it wasn't memorable.
shoplifted? no
acted like someone you are not to fit in? no, not to fit in

Series Seven: Ever...

been trashed or extremely intoxicated: no
gotten beaten up: no...only was in a few middle school fights, and those never got too hairy. Pretty much after you bodyslam one dude (BOOYA), or run a dude into those wooden bleachers that jut out from the wall, people leave you alone. I'm a likable guy anyway. i would get into fights trying to break them up.

Series Eight: The Future

Age you hope to be married: personal...maybe 25. Mainly I'd like to be sure about the person, and sure about the finances first.
Number and names of children: least one. Have to have a son, so if i have a girl first, or twin girls first, we're looking at two or three. I like Tristan for a guy...Cora for a girl...or Aubrey. I'm sure the woman will have input on this topic though....hehe
Describe your dream wedding: don't really dream about that. eloping would be cool. Or, it would be cool to marry a girl that was cool with eloping, even if we didn't. Was that confusing?
How do you want to die: happy

Series Nine: on the opposite sex...

Best eye color: brown
Best hair color: hmmm...dirty blond or brown. this is all completely superficial
Best height: 5'6" i guess...fits my average height about perfect.
Best weight: i don't think i'm allowed to answer this one.
Best articles of clothing: winter clothes...coats, scarves, all bundled up. Makes me just want to hug and protect girls when they dress like that.
Best first date: something quiet and shop, dinner, take a walk? I don't know. I've been out of the loop for too long. Definitely has to be quiet though. Movies are generally a bad idea though; you don't get to look at each other or talk.
Best first kiss location: duh, where do you think. No, honestly, this depends upon the girl, and I usually figure that out at the door.
Tip for all women: don't be a psycho

Series Ten: Number of...

drugs taken illegally: nada
CDs I own: two cases full....shade over a 100?
times my name has appeared in the newspaper: fair bit between school grades, soccer, tennis, envirothon, blah blah. This is the Amory Advertiser we're talking about though, not the New York Times.

scars: on my left arm; the first time i ever outran my dad, he got mad he was going to lose so he tripped me from behind...i slid on the pavement in the road, it wasn't pretty. Also, I got stabbed by a pencil just above my belly button when i was in the seventh grade...had to have surgery to get the piece out that broke off, it was kind of bad.

Series Eleven: Right Now...

Wearing: holy jeans, white tee
Eating: just finished some ice cream
Watching: Louisville versus Pitt (college football)
Thinking: DSG's test is going to whoop my tomorrow. Probably just bomb it, carry a B into the final, and focus only on my camping trip tomorrow, which is going to rock!!!



October 26 2005

So, I'm tired. But life's good. I made an A on my third art test, which brings my average to a I'm not going to study for the fourth test, which will be my drop grade. Booya.

No Latin America class right now, and no L.A. class this Friday. At some point I just have to watch "The Mission," and answer a few questions. It's cool, it's got De Niro and Jeremy Irons in's got to be good.

Friday is shaping up to be a little larger than I's cool though. Might take a little more planning, but the more the merrier.

Nate is here visiting until Thursday, so that's cool...haven't had a dose of Nate in a while. Last night we stayed up too late watching the World anybody else completely surprised by the White Sox??? They are beating the fire out of the Astros, who I thought looked nigh unbeatable after trouncing the Cardinals. Shows y'all what I know.

Oh, and my Braves lost Leo Mazzone...we might not even make the playoffs next year. It's going to be an interesting offseason.


Law School

October 18 2005

So, I'm a little more excited about this than I thought. It just kind of makes me feel good to know that the next three and a half years of my life are locked in stone, and I feel good about what I'll be doing. "Law school" sounds so smooth. I'm hoping it fits. If I could do some sort of environmental law, or some branch where I got to work with school systems, or something like that, I'll be happy. No divorce court or anything crazy like that.

Tonite Taylor and I got the new Batman...we're gonna eat and watch it, and it's going to be smooth. I'm ready for Thursday, when some Amory folks, and Jess, and whoever else are going to convene somewhere beautiful like Chili's. Gonna be great. Hey Rigby, you're invited.

Tonite I watched 'Bones.' It's the dude from Angel, David Boreanz's new show...he's good. Show seems good. It might be the next Lost...

So, I'm ready for the semester to end...that will mean I sucked it up and took the LSAT (hopefully made a decent score) and graduated, and will be applying to law schools...thinking Ole Miss, Mississippi College, U of South Carolina. After those three, I can't really imagine being anywhere else. Unless I score like 175 and go to Harvard...

later folks, gotta read for me seminar. Peace. The Heefus.

A Long December (because mine will be)

October 17 2005

a long december, and there's reason to believe

maybe this year will be better than the last

i can't remember the last thing that you said as you were leaving

and the days go by so fast

and it's one more day up in the canyons

and it's one more night in hollywood

if you think that i could be forgiven

i wish you would

na na na naaa na na na na yeah

the smell of hospitals in winter

and the feeling that it's all a lot of oysters but not pearls

and all at once you look across a crowded room

to see the way that light attaches to a girl

and it's one more day up in the canyons

and it's one more night in hollywood

if you think you might come to California

i think you should

na na na naaa na na na na yeah

drove up to hillside, met her sometime after 2am

and talked a little while about the year

i guess the winter makes you laugh a little slower

makes you talk a little lower

about the things you could not show her

and it's been a long december

and there's reason to believe this year will be better than the last

i can't remember all the times i tried to tell myself to hold on

to these moments as they pass

and it's one more day up in the canyon

and it's one more night in hollywood

and it's been so long since i've seen the ocean

guess i should

na na na naaaa na na na na yeah


October 13 2005
So, no, I'm not William Wallace, but I am free. I had to turn in a Prospectus and give a brief oral report on what my seminar paper (25 pages!) is going to be on, I'm pretty much not a talker, at least when it comes to bits like that, so I always actually might think about it a little more than I should. But it always goes well, like it did today, so it's cool.

I'm free!

Gonna chill out, watch some Lost guitar...y'all know how I do.

holla later.

the heefus


October 11 2005

I'm sad...

October 09 2005
The Braves were scheduled to only play one game today...they ended up playing one that lasted 18 innings, succumbing to the Houston Astros, losing the series 3-1. We just needed one or two more pitchers, and I think we could have contended. Maybe next least they were in the conversation during playoffs again. I tip my proverbial hat to the Houston Astros. Now I guess I'll root for the Cardinals with Taylor.

No tests this week, but must read a book and research for my seminar, write a prospectus on my topic, and give a short speech on it Thursday afternoon...s'not fun at all people. But, oh well, gotta graduate.

peace and love from those of us here at the unit 619



October 08 2005


Walkaways (crows)

October 07 2005
I've gotta rush away, she said
I've been to Boston before
And anyway, this change I've been feeling
Doesn't make the rain fall
No bit of differences these days
Just the same old walkaways
Someday I'm gonna stay
But not today

all I do is ace tests

October 07 2005
psychology test - 92.31

dsg third paper - ~ 90

art his 281 test - 92

Not remembering that Antartica is the seventh continent when asked as a joke to name all seven this morning: Priceless.


October 06 2005
(You exhibit a very well-developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness)

You are a
Social Moderate
(43% permissive)

and an...
Economic Liberal
(30% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Easy (Like Sunday Morning)

October 06 2005
the Commodores rock...

I know it sounds funny but I just can't stand the pain
Girl I'm leaving you tomorrow
Seems to me girl you know I've done all I can
You see I beg, stole, and I borrowed
That's why I'm easy
I'm easy like Sunday morning
That's why I'm easy
I'm easy like Sunday morning

Why in the world would anybody put chains on me
I pay my dues to make it
Everybody wants me to be what they want me to be
I'm not happy when I try to fake it
That's why I'm easy
I'm easy like Sunday morning
That's why I'm easy
I'm easy like Sunday morning

what book

October 05 2005
You Are Romans
You are Romans.

Which book of the Bible are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Baseball is Life...or Life is Baseball.

October 05 2005
So, we're all familiar with the lingo...I saw a spot on ESPN just now where they mentioned offhand how much baseball jargon has entered our I'm gonna share and expound upon it. Here goes...who's familiar with:

Let's take a raincheck (for those rainy days).

How about: I got to first base...or second base, or third base...or for you dirty dogs who 'scored'

And uh oh, there's a pressure situation in your life, so: It's the bottom of the ninth, two outs, three balls, two strikes, your team is you:

Swing for the fences!

And, as Taylor and I say when somebody says something stupid, and you could cut them down with a witty remark, but instead you: Let that pitch go by.

Hmm...I'm dry...coming up empty. I can't remember as much as I thought. If anybody else knows some more well-used baseball jargon, drop a remark.

AND NOW, I MUST GO AND PREPARE FOR TODAY'S 4PM Bravos will decimate the Astros...I will not be available during the hours of 4pm-6pm or nobody have an emergency or anything.


[making the tomahawk motion repeatedly]


we'll holla.

Breaking News

October 03 2005
I aced my art test...

Kelly Langford is engaged...that was the big deal on Sunday at our place:

Kelly: "I'm engaged!"

Taylor: "Congratulations."

Heath: "Congratulations."

Taylor: "Did the Raiders score?"

gotta go to wal-mart.


the heefus.

Freaking Studying

October 02 2005
So, Taylor and I studied art all day today...we had a solid eleven pages of art definitions that we had to pound into our brains for this test tomorrow...I'm angered by the amount of time I had to devote to this, since I have another test Tuesday in Psychology and a paper due for DSG Wednesday. I missed having a life today, but oh well. I'll come out of hibernation on Wednesday at 11am...see y'all then.'re only 20 episodes away from watching the entire first season of the greatest show ever...after number 5, you'll like Charlie. Tell Crebecca her show bites.

Okay, I'm heading to bed now. Early day tomorrow...peace, love, and chickengrease.

the heefus

King Arthur

September 30 2005
Came on after class today...I love this movie, almost. My major beef is that Tristan is killed, and this is complete crap! I do like the different perspective though.

There are 48 people in Latin America class...10 made As on the first test we took...I wonder what I made....MWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!

My art teacher dropped a bomb on us this morning...she's going to start taking roll next week! Dah!!! Now I have to go to class. It's good I'll go. I've got that senioritis I guess...If I don't have to, I ain't gonna.

2 things I love:

One of the rare As on a test!

Hugs from pretty girls early in the morning!


the heefus

Friday Night Lights MuRsic

September 29 2005
bada dadada bada dadada bada dadada bada dadada BADA DADADA BADA DADADA!!!