An Incredible Day Yesterday

July 11 2008

honestly, I feel good.

God has seriously made things amazing.

I've realized it all happends for a reason,

even the stuff we've left out about ourselves.

every little sticth in our blanket of Life counted,

even the ones you regret. Or the ones you

won't talk about anymore because it makes

your conversation awkward. (spellings off)

Or when you had to tell your lover that you

weren't faithful. It all happend for a reason.

Just wait until we're older, God just has these

amazing plains for our lives.

I can't wait to do what God wants me to. 

And I realized it all yesterday. 

have you ever?

July 09 2008

have you ever...

felt like your heart was gonna explode?

felt like the butterflies wont go away?

felt like there was so much joy you  couldn't breathe?

felt like no matter what you still cared?


this boy smells funny when he sweats,

tells his parents he can't get enough of us,

tackles me when i am mad at him,

sweeps me off my feet when he knows he loves it too.

This boy is amazing.

tyler adam.

you make this heart skip a beat.

you don't confuse me.

you mean what you say.

and thank you.

:) you made the storm in my heart go away.

you're amazing. 

went to kentucky

July 06 2008

God has chaged me, I've met new people, found a new someone.

I've been blessed.

the stories I've learned are heart breaking.

and the children of Zambia need our help.

The people I went with help raise over six thousand dollars.

People found Jesus, and felt his love for the first time.

I learned if you don't give your everything God will not reward you. If your heart was never in him he will turn away from you in the Kingdom of Heaven* and say "Be gone you evil doers, I never knew you"

read that in the bible, and started weeping.

I've gotten serious.

I feel amazing.

We feel amazing. 

oh by the way

June 25 2008

"Every thing you have to figure out is already here"


Qouted by:


My Uncle Buddy 

leaving home Sunday

June 25 2008

 Just letting people know that I'm leaving for a while.

I'm pretty excited, everyones told me where I'm going is pretty neat. And I need a break. 

So my Great Grandfather died Monday, right after we found out my uncle has Spinal Cancer.  And my other uncle is having a hard time dealing with himself, and I got to move on and not look at a friendship the same ever again. It's pretty much been ruined.

Pray for me 

Hypotheticly Speaking Ofcourse

June 23 2008

What would you do if guys never saw you as you wanted them to?

Just the girl the come to when they need a break from reality.

When they pretty much use you to get over someone.

But it didn't work so they just stopped talking to you.

Even though all you wanted was a friend.

Hypotheticly speaking ofcourse,

this would never happen to any of you.

Just me. 

so how about that?

June 19 2008

how about i don't like boys anymore.

cause they're confusing.


June 16 2008

sometimes when you care about someone,

you have to think of them....

instead of yourself. 



Thinking of you

June 16 2008

the lyrics are wonderful,

the video's a little strange.

...but you should get the point 

I'll be in Dickson! c:

June 15 2008


I get to see my Daddy today,

we're making plans on the summer.

I'll be staying with him after July 4th.

I'm so happy guys.

I get to have a Dad.


I was crying last night because it made me

so happy, like I wish

you could feel the joy I feel.


Nothing But Wonderful

June 14 2008

Let's think about me and you.

Nothing but Wonderful things have appeared in my mind.

When you touched my hand,

Nothing but Wonderful feelings appeared in my tummy. 

And when I think about you, and who you are...

You're Nothing but wonderful.


No matter what. 


June 13 2008
"Yesterday is the Past.Tomorrow is a mystery.Today is a gift;That's why we call it the present."-The Turtle from Kung Fu Panda- Man, I just love life. I mean, it's just incrible.>.< 


June 10 2008

do you ever just want someone to just tell you they love you?

Even if they don't mean it? You just want to hear it.

Sounds weird, but I'm sure if someone randomly went

"Hey Kaelynn, I love you, because that's what you'd want to hear right now"

I'd laugh and tell them that they rocked,

but that's just me.

This song describes my mood,

in some odd way? 


This'll be one of those times where you just want it all to come out?

June 08 2008

This is just a good day,

today my best friend Ashely came over.

And she's just made me feel amazing.

Like she always does, I kinda wish that I could

clone her into a male form. So that'd be the man that

God would want me to be with. But until they make a

clone machine, I'll always have my best friend. Even if

they make a clone.

She's always gonna be there.... she's never confused me.

Always been 100% honest, no matter what.

I love that girl, I wonder if God makes boys like that?

If so, do you have to order them? Do they come in a box?

Or is there just the kind I like that never like me back?

I shouldn't say that. But I do.

I'm tired of being the girl guys just lean on.

I want something real. Not like my previous relationships.

I don't want lies. I don't want reruns of the same bull.

I've been praying that God would tell me when I'm

gonna meet him, like when I'm older? Like 30?

Or 20? 40? I just wanna know? But hey....

I'll always have Ashely. 

The most appropriate song

June 05 2008

beautiful song.

just thought it was appropriate for now.

feels good to hear it

woa. :)

June 05 2008

I got my first real night of sleep.

because God said "Kaelynn, stop trying

to plan everything, stop being so controling,

You use to be so laid back and bubbly. Give

yourself a brake from you. Go to Bed."


Yea God's pretty blunt.

he gave me his answer about all I needed to know

for right now and he said "Let me handle it." 

what can I say..

June 03 2008

so I'm feeling good, and confused.

according to my last thought that made no sense I'm sure you all caught the confusion. Well I like him. I've fallen in like with the most confusive guy ever.  And I think he knows.  But I'm 100% unsure about how he feels about me. But I'm use to it. I don't think that dating is like my forte'. And I've probably spelt that wrong. But hey if its meant to happen, it'll happen. Man that's such a cleache' but I guess that's my style. I was pretty mellowed out today. Like I've thought about everything all day. I mean everything, life, dogs, trees, everything.


feels good to be goofy. 

I'm screaming, are you sure you didn't hear anything?

May 13 2008

try and voice your opinion.



did they hear you?


not a word.

I stop telling adults how I feel,

because they judge me.

I can't have feedom of expression

If they keep tearing me down.

"Let's be normal kids"

what's normality?


Representation of a certain crowd.


Coperate American.

Look like a the teenager they want us to,

uhm I prefer not.

I'll gauge my ears thank you.

I'll chop my hair, even if you mind.

And the more colors, the better.

I'll wear my facial peircings, even if I don't look good.

Looking good doesn't matter to me.

I feel good looking how I do.

because that's just me.

I can still worship God no matter how I look.

Would you deny a boy with Make up if he asked for a Bible?

Would you deny a girl with scars on her wrist if she asked about God?

That boy with make up would learn something.

That girl with scars could feel accepted.

But how would we know, I mean really.

But my opinion doesn't matter.

believe me, I've given all I have.

But it's not good enough.

it never is. 

Sorry about Crying Thursday

May 11 2008

So I just wanted to say sorry about it,

some crap happend right before I got there and then it all hit me?

It was insane.

I hate to cry, I've done it often but I hate it.

Just thought I would let you know that's not something I planned on. 

May 03 2008

so right now life's going great.