haha.. today was F-U-N

September 04 2005
well.. today was freakin awesome..

i went to church..
left after sunday school..
then went to coach my little raiders girl
went to dairy queen w/ 5 adults + 6 kids (whoa buddy yeah.. definitely interesting)
went to laserquest in nashville (woohhoo! i came in 1st.. heck yes)
went to the wild horse saloon (hahahahhaha first time ive ever been.. & once again.. it was with 6 little kids + 5 adults.. haha the little kids got out there & danced.. sooooooo funny)
then ate at the old spaghetti factory (first time ive ever been there too.. it was gooooooood)

& now i'm home..

egiap rentek

September 08 2005
wow that was action packed>!?!?!? love ya!


September 10 2005


September 11 2005
the cup game is the best


September 14 2005
E to the L to the I to the DOUBLE Z....

justin daniels

September 17 2005
its eliz yo!!!

justin daniels

September 22 2005
you're just jealous cause you're not cool on xanga. :)

♥Chandelle Nicole

September 23 2005
*Elizabeth! Hey there. Awe I just thought I would come say hey 2 you. Because well everyone knows I'm just 2 kewl like that. Lol, Anyways... I


September 25 2005
hi! i dunno if you remember me, but it's hannah leigh! lol wow you are such a beautiful girl.. good luck with everything! ilu!