UNDEFEATED *clap clap clapclapclap*

January 07 2006

to anybody i offended with this entry.. i'm sorry...
i've edited out all the mean parts....
just last night was CRAZY..
& us oakland fans just wanted our respect...
for beating yall...  & not any of this "oh the refs won it for yall" stuff..
so if we get our respect.. then i'll be happy to give it to yall..
but again, i'm sorry...

okay so-- NO words could EVER describe how i feel right now.. & i dont think i'm going to even try...

for anyone who doesn't know... but i'm pretty sure everyone already does--


& to everyone who is saying "oh the refs won it for yall-- they blew all the calls" freakin bull crap.. Oakland won that game FAIR & SQUARE.. we put up solid defense in the 2nd half that just basically shut siegel down.. we came back & won because WE wanted it that bad.. that's TRUE spirit... thats a TRUE nation...

& to top this amazing night off... beating siegel means that...
ahhhhhh! it feels SO good to be on top!

hahaha picture shawn made for me.... & the part about "Were the refs looking at ______ butt?! is an inside joke.. haha & i had to cover up the name

Retardedme4eva: they dont suckk..its just..they will never step to our level..even if we lose we are always winners and thats why they are so jealous

Kate & I before the game at her house

Chelsey Montgomery

January 07 2006
yeah i have some stuff to say about the game... but im not gonna say it all.. bcuz i love you... ♥ hahaha me & sarah were so scared we were like gonna get into a fight or something... it was crazy out there... ive never gotten into a basketball game that much. lol

Garrett Haynes

January 07 2006
well congrats to u guys...i'm not gonna be one of those siegel fans that talks trash when they lose...b/c that is just a sore loser. But yall earned it, b/c u came back and beat us, when we had the lead the entire game. I was disappointed, b/c in my opinion, (and the REAL truth), is that siegel has more school spirit then any other school in this town. Although, yall did put forth a really good effort. BUT, wait till districts, you won't win again. Yalls victory will be short lived. And don't forget who beat u 4 times in a row last season. Just b/c u r on top now, does not give oakland the right to think they are better than siegel. But congrats on the win.

Randy Rodden

January 07 2006
Woot Woot Oakland rocks! What a post that says it all pretty much! I'm with ya cuz I really hate how they're all like the refs won the game for you! Cuz I'm pretty sure they Reeaaallyy screwed us over in the first half so The refs sucked but it was for both sides and we got the calls toward the end....Finally! But I love you Eliza-butt! You've got to be the coolest cheer leader I know! Well you and Kate

kayla hale

January 07 2006
hahaha....as of my one the people for left me a remark..."a four point win isnt exacally domination" hahahha that made me laugh...well we won, thats all i gotta say & i totally agree with you...we did dominate in the 2nd half hahah...ahhh i am soooo excited! <3-kayla


January 07 2006
I won't say anything to affend anyone. So there will be nothing about the game past this point in this remark. haha. It was lovely seeing you though. You are so adorable!!! Have a great day!

kayla hale

January 12 2006
haha i got the picture off the yearbook site...if you want it just ask & i will let ya have it or....you can just save it to your computer & upload it from there! hahaha lol see ya at 5ish <3-kayla