October 15 2005

ahhhhhh! everything in my life right now is smiply AMAZING
i'm so high on life <3

relient k concert was sooooooooo awesome..
possibly the best concert ive EVER been too..

we won our game friday!
that definitely MADE my day!

and this new phusebox is SOOOOO GREAT!
its like when you get a new toy.. all you want to do is play with it & never put it down because you are SO excited.. hahahaha

& today i went to the bell buckle craft fair with my sister & madre
then to matt & annas wedding which was GORGEOUS
& then i went to the CORN MAZE
with a WHOLE BUNCH of people
which was SO much fun

but anyway.. i should have mucho pictures later..
i just need to get all my cameras developed..

anyway! everyone have an AMAZING week..


October 15 2005
thank you:-) that made me smile. hehe


October 16 2005
spring &&fall are mine.

Chris Slate,

October 16 2005
u didnt mention my name... and i mentioned urs... im hurt... lol