Troubling Tuesday

March 26 2007

Decy terminated Pak Mustofa on Monday - the entire process took about 2.5 hours as she walked him through his recent performance, the issue with "majic" being irreparable, and final compensation. Pak Mustofa asked about his returning to the company as a car pool driver (which is what he was doing before) ... we said that we would not say anything negative to prevent him from doing that but we would not give him a "letter of recommendation".  Prior to Mustofa's arrival, several family members came in (as witness and protection) and Decy had Mustofa searched for weapons.

The "protection" issue might seem odd, but it is not.  In fact just last week Jakarta had an incident where a dismissed driver and maid were implicated in the kidnapping of a child. And some dismissed drivers have tried to retaliate by damaging or stealing vehicles.  Its sad - but its a risk that has to be taken.  Hopefully, by treating Mustofa with respect during his employment, and respect during his termination this will not become a bigger issue.

To help close the circle and help the other driver Pak Yono save face ... Decy met with him and gave him a written warning about his involvement in the issue.  Such was not necessary (from our perspective) but allows him to save face as he can say he was disciplined too for his role in the matter.

Decy will meet with the remaining domestic help and give them a clear message that "majic will not be tolerated in this house".  Also, for any future employment contracts, we are going to add such a clause - for the avoidance of doubt.

Now - to find a new driver.

Also, Wiwi the primary maid/cook will begin maternity leave in about 10 days - maternity leave will last 6-9 months.  We think a temporary replacement will show up for an interview this week .... we shall see how that goes ... another transition.  urrrggghhh.

Gotta go ... ciao ciao


March 26 2007
Hassle-town! I'm sorry things are so complicated. I hope everything works out well. Anyway, I think your girls could give him a beating if he attempts to kidnap them! ;) Don't worry. God's got you.