Just Thursday

January 03 2007

Not much to post about .... after 45 minutes of sleep on Tuesday night, I worked a full day ... no lunch ... but a nice "interruption" when Decy, Chely, Thasya, Chris, and Paul stopped by the office on the way to the airport - we shared breakfast ... and said a quick prayer before they continued onward.

As I write this blog the boys and Decy have just checked out of the hotel in Singapore and are on their way to the airport.  The boys plane leaves in 2.5 hours ... 1st stop ... China; 2nd stop Chicago.  Decy leaves Singapore about 10am and arrives around 11am ... maybe she will stop by the office (on the way home) for lunch.

Guess I am a bit of a "freak" .... last night I decided to watch the extended version of Return of the King ... finally got to bed at midnight ... alarm was going off at 345am ....

Josh has a very good blog about mankind and the nature of man.  Interestingly enough Chris and I visited on this subject just the other day.  I detest people lieing to me, deceiving me, cheating me.  And yet, I also know that for every person that cheats me ... there is one or more (at least I believe there is) that is genuine and sincere.  So, when a brother asks for help ... what do you do?  Do you help him or not?  What if he has deceived you?  What happens if two people ask you for help at almost the same time ... and you sense the first has just cheated you .... do you trust the second?  If you do ... does that make you a "sucker"?  What if a third then comes up to you? .... when you say "no" ... when do you say "yes" .... One should seek wisdom in these things ... and yet, wisdom in knowing when/how to trust man is so difficult ... because (for many) the hearts of men are black.

ciao ciao.


January 03 2007
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