Yikes ... internet Challenges

December 31 2006

Not sure what is going on ... if this is still the Taiwan effect or what ... but we are still having difficulty (all of us; Chris, Paul, myself) accessing Phusebox from Indonesia.

I don't want to spend a lot of time on the system trying to upload stuff if the system is going to crash ... so I will be brief.

So far the weekend has been pretty good.  Last night, New Year's Eve we went to Club CJs to ring in the new year.  Had a good time, no security incidents, good music, fun.  (Chris didn't dance !!).

An Indonesian superstar named Chanti was there and did a 1 hour set.  She was pretty good ... but we all agreed that we liked the normal band better.  I'll try to post some pics (I know I keep saying that) .... as soon as the internet is more stable.  We made it home at 4am ...

Gotta run ... too many internet challenges at one time ... ciao ciao


January 01 2007
You just love to mention that, don't you? Happy New Year!