Taiwan Earthquake - Ripple Effect

December 28 2006

Friends & Family - today (Friday) is my vacation day.  But, I have to have a 1 hr meeting at the office I need to attend. While I'm here ... I need to let you know something ....

There was an earthquake in Taiwan that has severely impacted Indonesia's access to the world's fiber optics network. As a result, from the house we are unable to access internet sites such as Phusebox, yahoo, etc. (but we can access Indonesian sites)  I think Chris's AIM still works.  Please be patient if you don't hear from us, Chris, Paul, etc.

Now, if any of you believe in "conspiracy theories" ... here's one.  The US has been alerted to a potential terrorists plot and is blocking telecommunications and internet accesses from targeted countries.  How's that ???

Ciao ciao ... hope to "see you" in cyberspace from the house soon ....


December 28 2006
Hmmm... We'll have to furthur discuss this one. Did you see my posts about Santa and dragons? Yep, I love these things!