I'm Back ...

December 26 2006

Very much internet challenged this morning. Spent from 415am to 525am trying to get into the i-net. Still not working very well .... Anyway, we are all back from vacation.  Nobody hurt. Everybody happy.  Probably 2000 pics between all of us. No doubt the boys will be posting pics before I do ... as I have to leave for work in a few minutes.

Had a great time visiting temples, climbing up and looking inside volcanoes, freezing to death at 9,000 ft elevation, sweating to death at sea level, eating lots of interesting foods (ask Chris and Paul about Ayam Taliwong), watching pottery making, and weaving.

Stacy, Chris has kept his promise (so far) ... no dancing ... ALTHOUGH both Paul and I got called up on stage on Christmas Day dinner to do some "Bali dancing" with two cute girls .... Paul did better than me (surprised ?)

Chris and Paul are eating more and more Indonesian food, I think they actually like it ... but maybe they are just starving to death.

I'm going to close this blog. Too many i-net issues this morning and it could crash anytime.

Ciao ciao.


December 26 2006
I am glad you guys are back at the house safe. And he'd better keep any promises he has made to me, or else!