Quickie ... Almost Time to Leave for Airport

December 20 2006

Its now Thursday morning early. I've been up since 245am, its 400am ... everybody else is just getting up. Within 30 minutes we head for the airport. If you don't hear from us until Tues/Wed it is because we don't have internet access.

Had the big family dinner/Xmas event last night.  We did not invite the fully-extended family; otherwise, we would have had 100 people ... so we invited bro's, sis's, mom-in-law, and their families.  Most showed up .. but some spouses did not.  Lots of little tykes. Had a great time ... best part are the children ... they are wonderful no matter the color, religion, or language.  Darlings, every one of them.

Chris, Chely, Thasya, Paul had lots of fun handing out gifts to everyone, including our hired help.  It was a great time.  Mixed in there ... there was lots of eating, talking, and karaoke.

Dinette table arrived just before the family did. It was almost fully assembled when the family arrived ... and was ready in time for the Christmas (Vietnamese soup) dinner.  Everybody enjoyed ... even Chris and Paul.

Check the pics ... I only had time to post 5 (takes 20-25 minutes) ... but it is a good sample.

Gotta run wake the boys up ....

And, YES, Stacy, you are SMALL (kecil) !!!!

ciao ciao 


December 20 2006
Oh, hush! I am Italian. It is my right. And at least I'm cute, eh? I'm glad you like children