Friday ALREADY !!!

December 19 2006

Ok, so my weeks are messed up due to the segmented vacations.  Its not perfect, but it is better than nothing.  Today (Wednesday) I hope to leave the office by 2pm and begin a long holiday weekend.

First stop ... Christmas dinner and presents opening at our house ... me, Decy, Chely, Thasya, Chris, Paul ... and a whole busload of Decy's family (mom, brothers, sisters, in-laws, out-laws, nieces, and nephews).  This place will be a zoo ... not sure how many are coming ... but I'm thankful to (a) not have to cook, and (b) not have to clean up afterwards.

Second stop .... early to rise for 7am flight to Jogykartara.  There we will see some ancient temples. Overnight, then on to ....

Third stop .... Surabaya .... very traditional city plus (weather permitting) we will travel to a volcano, watch the sunrise behind it ...and then walk to rim and look in .... still smoldering .... hot (BTW, did you see that another Indonesian volcano is on "red alert" ... I think there is something like 120 active volcanoes in Indonesia).  We stay 2 nights in Surabaya.

Fourth stop ....Lombok.  I'm told there are white sand beaches, clear water, great snorkeling.  That is where we actually have Christmas.

*** then back to Jakarta on Tuesday the 26th ... 2 days work ... and then another long weekend (with plans for other fun).

>> Guess you saw Chris's blog about the salon ... he he he ... as I understand it ...the girls giving the cream bath head/shoulder massages were pretty small ... but strong ... and good ... although their fingers got stuck in the boys thick hair a few times.  Rumor has it that good things come in small packages (and according to Chris, Stacy is not an exception).

After work yesterday we took the boys to eat Nasi Padang.   I suspect somebody will blog on that one .... everybody walked away full .... I guess eating oysters, goat brains, curry chicken, strange vegetables, and a gazillion other strange things didn't bother them too much.

Well ... gotta run ... BTW, for those of you who may not remember or know .... the 19th (today for you) ... is GRANDMA SUZIE'S BIRTHDAY !!!!!!  hap-hap-happy-birthday grandma.

ciao ciao 


December 19 2006
I'm not that small!