Doing Double Time

December 18 2006

Life stinks when you have 20 days vacation and you can't take them ... and then it double stinks when you can take some of them in 2-3 day increments.  And so, I take 3 days off ... work 2 days ... take 3 days off ... work 2 day ... and so goes the next couple of weeks ... and I will STILL carry into 2007 more than 10 days of unused vacation.

I can deal with the unused vacation but the pattern stinks.  First, one never really "rests" when parsing vacation .... a person needs a break from work, school, whatever .... a long weekend doesn't cut it nor achieve the true "refreshing" that a person requires.

Second, just as soon as I walk into the office, I'm hit with a firestorm of issues, problems, emergencies etc.  The days in the office are gruelling ... and everybody wants "a piece of me" before I leave again.  So, in essence ... I merely squeeze 5 days of work and stress into 2 or 3.

While I admit that taking vacation this way is "better than nothing" ... its not a whole lot better (well, actually it is) ....

Today, Decy is taking Chris and Paul around to do some stuff they've never done before. I won't spoil the surprise (as they might read this blog when they wake up) .... but they or I will blog about it tomorrow.

*** Oh before I forget, got home last night and found Paul doing karaoke Christmas caroles.  He did some other songs too .... he CLAIMS to have achieve a 96 on one song before I got home ... but all I saw was 70s and low 80s.  BTW, I did one song (sorry that's all last night) ... got a 92.  Paul - eat your heart out. Chris - go back to sleep (actually he slept thru the karaoke, mumbled something about being "tired").

Well, time to get back to work ... its already 500am.

ciao ciao 


December 18 2006
The boy sleeps all the time when he can. At school, he stays up until the stupid hours of the morning and then says that he is tired all day. ::shakes fist:: Christopher!