Monday Morning, Already ???

December 17 2006

This whole weekend has been tough, weird, and frustrating ... even though I took off Wed-Fri everything seems so out of whack.

While leaving Jakata on Friday and going through emmigration, I forgot to complete the departure card ... had to leave the line and do it.  Then I got completely discombloberated and was thinking "Singapore" not "Jakarta" and filled out the card as an "arrival card" not a "departure card" ... all info backwards.  I finally corrected that.

Plane leaving Jakarta was an hour late .... which means that I would have a tough time being on time to meet my friends at 730pm at the hotel.

Arrived in Singapore only to find out my handphone didn't work there.   ARRGGGHHHH.  After checking into the hotel, made a couple of quick phone calls ... to let Decy know what was going on ... and James, as he hadn't heard from me.  James picked me a few minutes later (after a good hot shower) and we were off for parts unknown.  Made it back to the hotel at 4am ... still not sure where he took me.

Saturday, get on the internet to figure out where the boys are ....after several emails from Jeana and checking the flights on the internet, it appeared all was fine ... glad I DID NOT see Jeana's 1st email ... and then wait for the 2nd.  I would have been panicked.

Did some shopping, ran around, had lunch in Little India ... rehecked the email to see the flight time from Japan to Singapore .... looks like the boys are arriving early.  So, I clean up and take a rest waiting for James and Nathan to call me .... room is hot hot hot ... a/c not working well.  ARGH !!!

Found out my PDA works in free hotspots and I can check emails from my hotel room.  Yeah !!!!

James calls me ... tells me to take a cab to Singapore Indian Association.  So, I try to do that and wait an hour in the sweltering heat for a taxi ... Scott's Road on Saturday night and xmas time is a mess .... by then its time for the airport, so I go straight there ... never made it to SIA.

Finally get the boys to the hotel about 130am ... then we go walking to stretch the legs.  Then talk in the hot hot hot room.  Finally, I think around 430am we try to go to sleep ... I'm on a chair, boys on a jumbo king bed.  I can't sleep in the chair, so i sleep on the floor using a towel for a pillow.  After several lame attempts to sleep, we get up at 8am ... shower, go for a walk, try shopping.  Finally we get some successes (which I cannot talk about right now, due to the readership of this blog).

We finally head to the airport to take of some stuff there, could have been on an earlier flight (but we stay with our current schedule as I can't call Decy to send the car earlier).  MISTAKE .... due to a series of weather issues, mechanical issues, and just plain dumbness our flight is 3 hours late.  Boys are collapsing on me and I'm not doing much better.

>>> sweltering heat waiting to make it through immigration in Jakarta .... that was a fun 45 minute exercise.

Finally make it to the house at about 1030pm (no traffic at that hour) .... we show the boys the house ... eat some Izzy Pizza and surprise C&P with Dr. Pepper !!!!  All head to bed about 1130pm.

I'm up at 345am, shower, shave, stagger to this crazy computer.  And now, Chris has woken up and is beside me .... so, I will close for now.

Ciao ciao


December 18 2006
My head hurts just thinking about it! And hey... What can't you type in front of us, your loyal readers? (Yes, that WAS correct grammar, I promise) I am hurt, Mr. Morgan... ::tear:: I am glad things have stablilized.