Quiet Day

December 13 2006

Today is Thursday, another day off from the office ... but I have about 3-4 hours work I need to do today.  Plus, need to go to the bank and take care of some things.

More furniture arrived today ... a pair of chairs and foot stools.  Still waiting to see if the dinette arrives in the next few days ... that's the last of the major pieces for December ... some other stuff is queued up for January ... but we are clearly nearing the end (YEAH !!!).  And, yes, I know, I need to take and post some pics .... I'll do that after the dinette is here.

Tomorrow (Friday) I head for Singapore ... already James and Nathan have organized to collect me at 730pm at the Grand Hyatt hotel. Saturday I will do some shopping (hope to find Xmas present for Decy) ... and will wait for Chris and Paul to arrive Saturday night at midnight (approx noon Saturday USA time).  On Sunday we will come into Jakarta.

Ok ... time to get some work done.

ciao ciao


December 14 2006
I hate time changes. I get so confused. I just realized it is the afternoon there.. Creeps me out.