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Straightened hair

September 26 2006
Some girls upstairs wanted to straighten my hair and it had never been done before so I let the because they just kept begging.......people wondered so here it is
Originally Taken: September 25, 2006
Camera: Hewlett-Packard HP Photosmart E317

Meagan McCann

September 26 2006
its pretty cool...better short.... lol

Becca Hicks

September 26 2006
i'll be honest and say... <Br><Br> i don't like it. <br> cut it. <br><br><br><br>

Jessica Dennis

September 26 2006
holy spit dude. you look even more like a pirate!! throw a freakin bandana on your head and give you a parrot and eye patch and thats it.

Just Me

September 26 2006
i like it long, just not straight. ignore becca and her "cut it" comments. lol :)

Brantley (Miles)

September 26 2006
no comment

Paul Morgan

September 27 2006
hard core pirate!!!